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Ask the Vet Column Archives

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
courtesy Dr. Buzby
The purpose of this page is to chronicle or archive our answers to All Things Dog Blog readers' questions. 

Dr. Julie and I really do want to help you. If you have questions about your dog's health, please write to her at our email: Likewise, if you have questions that relate to any other dog matters, send them along to the same email. I'm the chief mail sorter, as well as the chief executive blogger. I'll make sure your letter gets to the right person. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Dr. Nunez is a practicing veterinarian while also assisting patients through The Balanced Canine blog and his own online veterinary pharmacy You can also follow Mark on Twitter.  

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Below you will find the archives of Dr. Pat Bradley and Dr. Jacki Bert. Feel free to browse the topics to see if you locate one that may be of assistance.

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You're here! Dr. Pat Bradley's archives for her "Ask the Vet" posts follow. If you are seeking a personal consultation with Dr. Pat, you may find her contact information at her webpage: Holistic Veterinary Services.

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Archives Page

Welcome to Dr. Jacki Bert's archives of her Ask the Vet columns at All Things Dog Blog. All of Dr. Jacki's answers to readers' questions are here. If you have a question you would like to ask Dr. Jacki, you may find her at 4 Paws House Calls, which serves the Orlando, Florida area.
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Anonymous said...

My dog is around seven years old and is a lab/sharpei mix (mostly lab). I got my dog from a shelter on Feb. 18th. Apparently, she had eating issues while in the shelter, but they did not tell us that when we got her. She was at the shelter for around eight months. It took us until around mid April to get her eating behaviors at least somewhat under control. We tried dry food; wetting her dry food; canned food; mixing her wet dry food with canned food; mixing her wet dry food with tuna. She was consistenly eating the mixture of tuna and wet dry food. We went on vacation around early June and she stayed with a family member for two weeks. The family members said that she was mixing canned food with the wet dry food and that our dog ate consistently while she stayed there. Since she has been home, her eating behaviors have been awful. She won't even entertain eating her dog food, which is the same mixture as what she was previously eating consistently. We have tried all those things we did before when she was not eating. She does entertain human food and will scarf that down if we give her any (we just tried this to rule-out any medical condition). She ate pretty good on Sunday, a little yesterday, and wouldn't eat this morning. Any suggestions would be helpful. We are frustrated as we have been pretty much dealing with her fussy eating habits since we got her. We wish we would have been better informed by the shelter instead of them telling us after we got her home.

Marc Ching said...

I believe the Holistic and Natural approach to curing ailments and diseases animals suffer from is the best. I am a Holistic Practitioner, and dislike how so many vets today are so quick to put dogs and cats on antibiotics and steroids.

Marc Ching

Unknown said...

Thank you for the helpful archives! I found them to be useful, especially when my Pug was having issues with his bowel movements. I also found the best pet insurance in my area that covered my his medical issues. Pets are part of our family so we have to be sure they are covered just like their owners!

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