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Where to start? If you're new to All Things Dog Blog, then I'll keep this as succinct as possible, to give you time to go explore for yourself. That's me, Carrie, with my gang in the photo. Our job here is to offer tips, ideas, and inspiration for making your "life with dog" easier and more enjoyable. We try to help our readers solve problems and prevent new ones. And of course, we have to weave in a little fun and variety too.

You'll find that I write articles on solving or preventing lots of problems that pups are prone to, including family problem-solving articles. We try to offer guidance for your doggie health questions and help you sort out your dog's behavior issues with simple, time-proven methods for training your dog. Lots of these articles involve behavior issues that you may find helpful at home.

Because we are a green and organic family, our thoughts often turn to clean living and healthy food. I share recipes and tips for living a greener life with your dog. When I review treats and edible-products, they are generally all-natural, holistic or organic. We also enjoy reviewing useful dog implements and especially toys! Most of these product reviews are paired with a product giveaway. We hope you will enjoy entering these drawings to win free prizes. It's fun for everyone.

Entering a giveaway is simple; just follow the instructions. You'll find the COMMENTS link at the bottom of every post, just above the green grass. If you follow us at Twitter you can leave an @Tweet. If you "Like" us on Facebook, you can comment there. Wherever you choose to get into the conversation, we'll enjoy having you participate. Giveaway drawings are done by, whether they are using Rafflecopter, Twitter, comments or other social media methods.

You can enjoy a free subscription to my blog's posts, allowing you to never miss a single edition, by a number of easy methods such as email. You can also choose to simply follow along by a few others. Here's your choices:
  • Email is the favored way for most non-bloggers. It's simple to sign up in the sidebar by entering your email address in the doghouse subscription box, or simply clicking here and following the quick steps. Then visit your inbox to click the activation link in the confirmation email you'll receive from Feedburner. Then you're good to go! 
  • RSS: If you use a feed reader, then you know how great it is to keep your library organized and at your fingertips. I love this approach for doing research. The RSS link is at the bottom of every post and at the top of the sidebar.
  • Google Friend Connect: If you use gmail or have any type of Google account, you can follow us through Google Friend Connect. Locate the GFC widget in our sidebar and follow the prompts to connect.
  • Networked Blogs: Networked Blogs does not require you to be a blogger. You can connect through Facebook, meaning you won't need another password. You'll get my postings through your Facebook page's feed. 
  • Facebook: If you use Facebook, you can visit our page, hit the "Like" button, and you'll receive our posts on your Facebook page's feed. Visit anytime you like to post your pup photos or news, questions or comments. We love our visitors!
  • Twitter: For those of you who enjoy life on the run, Twitter offers a quick 140 character preview of our posts, including a clickable link to each, if you choose to visit. The advantage here is you keep up with what's new, while only viewing that which you choose to click on. Some love it; others not so much. We like to make it available for those who do.
  • Pinterest: Here I share photos from recent posts and some I find along my expeditions to other sites. Follow and enjoy!
  • Instagram is my newest fave. Find me here.
  • Google+: I'm just beginning to dabble here. Your tips and insights would be most welcome.

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