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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Join our Weekly Wag: A New Years
Resolution to Bond with Fido

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Motivation has arrived! Once a week I'll share an activity--sometimes indoor, sometimes outdoor--that you can do to bond with your dog. You can find the find the first installment at the link above. Some will work Fido's mind, while others will keep his body active and agile. The cool part is that you'll be working right along side him, taking the lead, coaching, encouraging, and most of all enjoying some one-on-one time with your best friend.

It will only take a few minutes to do the activity once. You can continue with it to become more proficient if you find it useful. The activities are designed to work mind, body and the dog/owner bond. Join me every Saturday for the Weekly Wag, and watch your relationship flourish.

Care to join the Weekly Wag Group? Add your name to the linky below so we can all help one another stay motivated, ask questions, and perhaps just get a few tips--via Twitter. Follow one another. Add the badge to your  blog, if you're a blogger, and you get an extra entry in the prize drawing. Prizes? Read on....

Once you've joined the group, here's what you get:
  • A Quarterly prize will be drawn from the names of those who check in at this post with an update at the end of March, June, September and December. You can find this post by clicking the badge in the sidebar. Check in is simple--just tell me how it's going. Which types of "Wags" do you enjoy the most? Do you look forward to more outdoor or indoor "Wags". Is your bond with Fido growing?
  • One grand prize will go to the winner of a year-end drawing. 
  • Post about the Weekly Wag only if the spirit moves you. Post anywhere on social media--Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. There is no requirement to do so. However, if you do post, leave a comment here with the post link and you'll get an extra entry for the quarterly and grand prizes.
  • Finally, be sure to let me know with a comment that you have added the badge to your blog, and include your blog url. After all, we all want to come and see! Grab the code from the sidebar.
Weekly Wag ButtonI'm excited about this regular opportunity to bond with Tanner and Oliver, and to hear about how you are bonding with your dog. If you have problems with any of the "Wags", just modify them to suit you and your dog. It's all about fun and bonding, not perfection. Finally, if you have questions or need help, drop me a DM via @AllThingsDog or an email to I'll do what I can to help. I look forward to many happy Wags this year!

UPDATE for 2013: With the popularity of The Weekly Wag, this regular Saturday post has been extended into 2013. While the sign up form below is closed, you can enter our quarterly giveaways for 2013 by simply commenting on any Weekly Wag post during the year. Drawings will be held April 1, July 1, October 1 and January 1, 2014. Enjoy!

Easy RSVP Instructions: If you don't already have a Twitter account, you'll need to start there. Sign up at When you return here, follow these instructions for adding your name to our guest list by using the linky list below the instructions. 
  1. Scroll to the bottom of these instructions and find the blue lettering that says "Click here to enter". If you do not see these words, simply click on the post title to refresh the page, and they will appear below these instructions. Good luck!
  2. Click the blue link and a new screen will open. 
  3. Type your name, blog name, or twitter handle(with @sign) in the first box that says "Link Title or Blog Title". Mine will look like this: Carrie Boyko, All Things Dog Blog, or @AllThingsDog. 
  4. In the next box that is labeled "Link", include the url that corresponds with the information you placed in the first box. If you used your name, you can include a link to your facebook page or your Twitter handle. It will start with "" and you include your handle after the slash, without the @symbol. Mine looks like this:
  5. Scroll down to hit "Enter your link" and you're done. 
  6. Finally enter your name and email address. This is needed in case your RSVP does not get entered properly. We'll need to get in touch to fix it.


Peggy Frezon said...

Nothing better than bonding with our pets! I put the badge up on my blog. Thanks, Carrie.

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

Thanks Peggy! We had some fun with Scentwork. Our cat, Patches, even got into the fun! I wonder what would happen if I tried tuna juice on the rag? LOL

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

I think this is a GREAT idea! Unfortunately, Dakota's blog isn't set up to post widgets worries, we will be reading anyway!

Ashley Clark said...

How do I add a button to my blog? I'm new at this and don't quite understand.

Shelley P said...

Sounds like so much fun! Count us in : ) Always looking for new ways to have fun and bond with the dogs.

Anonymous said...

Weekly Wag #1...Schooner and Skipper have a good nose for scents. We had so much fun. I also placed treats in different parts of the house before I left for work one day. My husband said both dogs has their nose in the air smelling....they went all over the house smelling and would come back with a treat. Loved Weekly WAg #1 can't wait to try Weekly Wag#2. This one will be very difficult for Skipper. In obedience school 2 sessions of 6 weeks each...Skipper never master the sit and stay. Skipper can sit and when I say stay and would take baby steps backwards he was taking baby steps towards me and sit back down. Since he is a rescue and Viszla are velcro dogs. We will give it our best. If you have any ideas to help me with Skipper let me know.

Sharon Gilbert -

Anonymous said...

I added the button to my blog

Boxer adventures

cdmtx said...

Looking forward to it :)

cdm65 @cox .net

Lisa said...

The biggest thing I've done with my one dog, Wheatie, who is a therapy dog, is I started having acupuncture done for him. He's 12 and a Corgi. Structurely, they are long with short legs and are known for getting degenerative myopathy. I am doing this alternative therapy as preventative medicine...and he loves it! :)

cdmtx said...

so far mine and the dogs favorite is the Fetch Series. Both Dogs love the Water and a good game of fetch even that i have to wrestle the little one to give up the toy lol :) but we are learning :)

cdm65@ cox dot net

cdmtx said...

i also tweeted about it :)!/cdmtx65/status/183038349022474240

Cassandra Godwin said...

Me and my dogs have been bonding by spending time together at night, going to the dog park (which my dogs love), and with extra training to reinforce good behavior and our bond.

cdmtx said...

our bonding time is by walking daily , lots of playtime , and cuddling with some goodies every night on the couch ~ yep ... Life is good :)

Spaz and YoYo

evie said...

we went to a doggy event today, only took 1 child. we have 2 events coming up, the bark around the park and the spca walk for animals. i will take all of my 3 girls to both. we may even walk over to the earth day event. last yr several things got canceled b/c we had a tornado in raleigh area.

Christine - The Animal Sitter said...

I have 2 dogs one just turned 13yrs old and she is a golden retriever mix and the other one is 3 yrs old and she is my mystery mix. :)

I dabble in everything that involves pets which include training, grooming, taking care of them, etc. So when I read some of your weekly wags, I stop and smile because it's things that I do all the time with maybe a little twist. Like for the weekly wag #1 scentwork, when I do that with my dogs I call it the "Find It" game. :)

I am constantly taking pictures of my two like the weekly wag #3. For the weekly wag #4 I went to try and look at it again and there was an error. But by the title I could tell what it was about. I have tried teaching my dog certain names for certain toys. All that I think she knows is ball and bone because those are the two things she loves the most.

That's it for now, I will post later about the other weekly wags!

Christine - The Animal Sitter said...

Just posted Weekly Way #1 & #2 on my facebook page!

Also posted those on my Google+ page.

I also +1 both of them.

Does all that count? And if it does as separate entries?

Another question I did all this as The Animal Sitter, if I also posted them as me do they count as separate entries?


Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

@Christine, the Animal Sitter: You're an over-achiever! Just once update per quarter is sufficient to enter you. FYI, Google does not allow using Google+ as an entry method for contests. Thanks for your participation and good luck to everyone.

evie said...

i am like you, i too reveal in that my little girls are so excited to see me. however, they have ruined my front door. when i am out mowing they sit in the window sill and watch me...i have lots of big windows and they are all filled with doggy nose paintings..when someone comes to the door, they go bezerk. they are my doorbell and my alarm system...if they are outside, i know far ahead of time, someone is coming down the hill. i try not to pay too much attention when i leave and when i come home. i wont let them jump on me...most of the time...trying to stop them from scaring people. tressa the middle child is not fond of male strangers, she will nip at their heels and try to bit them and bark very loud until she gets to know them...i use a water spray bottle, but i broke it last wk...but i love that they miss me..and i am greeted with such enthusiasm...the oldest will sniff thru the bags of groceries, etc. to see if i bought anything for her..if she does not find anything she looks at me, as if to say, "nothing for me?"...tressa follows me as i unpack my purchases, to see if there is anything for her. the baby, just wants me to pick her up and she wraps her legs around me..and hangs on for dear life....when people come to my house, they ask if there is anything in the house for me...the cabinets are filled w/ dog things from grooming, to treats, to vitamins, clothes, etc. i have more shampoos (over 15 plus) for them, conditioners, hair spray, whitening, tooth brushes, paste, hairdryer and 2 big, big bags of different kinds of treats and a red cross life saving kit for pets, have 2, etc. when i come home the toys (over 100) are all over the house, so at least i know they were not bored, i have another big bag of new toys set the 3 girls have over 200 toys....evie has her 4/5 big play balls..they all have health insurance as well. yes, my girls are spoiled, but they are my only kds...and i love them dearly...

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

@Evie: You're not alone. I hear similar stories often, so know that many others are "loving" their pets the same way you do!

Unknown said...

A little Late to the game but my furry coach potatoes are about to get up and get at it. Posted the badge on my blog

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

@Jenny Brown: Thanks for sharing our Weekly Wag event on your blog. I'm headed there to check it out now. :)

Cynthia Downer said...

I've LOVED your posts about training our dogs for CGC certification. Eventually, I plan on getting at least two of my three dogs CGC certified, and I definitely plan to use those posts as helpful tools - I've pinned them for future reference. I think I'd love more posts about working towards goals with your dogs - certain tricks, treibbal, agility, flyball, carting, etc. I also love the posts about games - my dogs and I still play the scent-working game that you posted earlier this year.

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

Thanks @Cynthia Downer! I truly enjoyed sharing some thoughts on that, as it is a challenging series of tests that I learned a lot about over the years. All good lessons!

evie said...

i am single, no family, except my 3 little girls. these past yrs have been very hard on me, taking care of my mother, 24/7, dealing w/ the numerous lawsuits from my older siblings over my mother, which eventually caused her death, and now i am dealing w/ very nasty neighbors b/c i am letting someone hunt on my property. i as well as my oldest dog have been threatened numerous times. when i just cant take it and start crying, 2 of my girls come and lay there heads on my shoulder and will stay there until i stop crying. the other girl just watches at my feet. evie, the oldest has always put her head on my shoulder when i have been upset. she did the same thing w/ my mother. she just seems to know...and my girls all sleep w/ me. most of the time under the covers. they all have to be touching me or sleeping on some part of my body...i dont care what people say, unhealthy, etc. i would not have it any other way. they are my children and they love sleeping in my bed..i say "beddy bye" and they all go to the bedroom, either go up the steps or jump on the bed and get their places, evie sleeps at my shoulder, harley next, then tressa who nests...

shilohsmom said...

Shiloh and I are dealing with home repairs too. We moved into our new home on Thanksgiving, and there have been repair people coming and going nearly every day. Sometimes I have a crew working inside at the same time as I have another crew working outside.

During those confusing times when there are too many people and possibilities of doors being left open, I lock Shiloh in the bedroom. I do not want him getting loose anytime, but especially not in a new neighborhood that he isn't familiar with yet.

He will be happy when things calm down. He doesn't like having having all this noise and activity around him.

Oh and the dirt! We have NO landscaping. Nothing, not even grass. I take that back, we have weeds for landscaping. Dry weeds with burrs and stickers and all kinds of prickly things that get caught in doggie paws. And dirt. It's the desert. We can get used to the dirt. The burrs and stickers have got to go! They do not mix well with long dog hair.

Shiloh will be so happy when all the work is finished and he can get into a routine.

Misty said...

Ah, perfect topic for us right now as well.

Shiloh - how are the goats doing? Are they helping you eat those nasty weeds or are they too rough, even for them?

We're remodeling my home right now. The fencing has changed and so have the doors. The girls don't know which way they are suppose to go. Out of habit, after our night time walk, I will tell Steel to go home. Well, "home" is our office right now. She just stares at me and waits for me to go one way or the other. She knows where home is, but I can't get it straight.

The workers have left the gate open twice for Molimo now. She wants to be part of the chaos. Steel hides from it. Both times, Molimo went to a window and asked to be let in. Thank goodness for small favors, as I live on one of the busiest streets in town.

As for the dirt, hmm, I think I wish I had your problem. The doggies are the cleanest thing about my remodel. I spend a couple hours a night and a full day a week cleaning up after all of the workers. They can't seem to see that there is a trash barrel in every room and out both doors. Each night Steel anxiously waits for me to open the door, while I search the house to see if there is glass or insulation or whatever else that will cause her issues.

It's certainly been an experience. Hopefully one that will be over in the next millenium!

I wish you all a safe and successful home repair experience.

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