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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

ASK THE VET: Ringworm Care

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Dear Dr. Jacki:

I just discovered ringworm on me. Could I have gotten this from my dog? She is a Chow Chow and has very thick fur, but none is falling out. Wouldn't it be coming out in spots? Other than going to the doctor for myself, should I shave her to check her skin? Winter is coming and I worry she will be cold. I'm not sure what to do. Is there any other way to figure out if she has a ringworm? Thank you for your help.


Linda C.


Dear Linda:

Yes, you can get ringworm from your dog.  Some dogs/cats are silent carriers meaning they don’t show any clinical signs but they have the fungus. It is best to take her to a regular veterinarian where they can perform a test (or tests) to determine if ringworm is present. 

Treatment for animals consists of baths and/or oral medications. Some animals need to be shaved in order for the treatment baths or dips to come in contact with the skin. I would leave the decision to shave up to the veterinarian. Because ringworm is zoonotic, this pet needs to be seen by a veterinarian as soon as possible.

A sweater or shirt may be necessary, but it depends. If the sweater rubs on the ringworm lesion, it may spread the ringworm. This decision, too, should be made by your veterinarian.

Best wishes,

Dr. Jacki

Dr. Jacki, D.V.M.
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For more information on Dr. Jacki and her practice, you may find her at  4 Paws House Calls. A personal appointment will likely provide more specific information on your dog and your specific questions.

Dr. Jacki's opinion or advice does not replace an actual exam with a veterinarian. 

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