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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ask the Vet: Dog Illnesses and their Owners

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Dear Dr. Jacki:

What human illnesses are contagious to our dogs? And how can we prevent this?

As far as zoonotic diseases, I will include a link to the Centers for Disease Control at the end of the post.  There are many diseases that can be transmitted between dogs/cats to humans.  Keep your pets on heartworm preventative (therefore intestinal parasite control) and keep them vaccinated; that will help a ton.  Rabies is zoonotic as is leptospirosis and these are core vaccines that we use now.    

Here’s the link to the Centers for Disease Control: owners can use this resource to check for specific contagious diseases of concern to them.

Thanks for your question.

Dr. Jacki

Dr. Jacki, D.V.M.
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