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Sunday, March 14, 2010

ASK THE VET: Puffiness Under a Dog's Eyes

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Dear Dr. Jacki:

I just wrote to the trainer too. It is nice that this blog has a trainer and a veterinarian for us to get helpful ideas from. Thanks.

My collie Camille is 14 yrs of age. She is beginning to get a little bit of puffiness under her eyes. There is not any drainage like if she had infected eyes. It is more like bags that we get under our eyes as we age. Maybe that is all it is with her. She is pretty old for a Collie but healthy.

Do you think she needs to go to her vet? We were just there for shots and I had not noticed this then. I just thought I would ask you if you think Camille has a problem. Would it be safe to watch it for a week or two. I will take her to the vet if it gets worst.



Dear Janie,

It is difficult to say what is going on with Camille.  If the area below her eyes seems to be puffy then I would definitely check her teeth out thoroughly.  I would also have her weight checked because sometimes people think that the eyes are puffy when actually it is the bone of the face that is protruding more due to weight/fat loss.  Dogs don’t really get puffy eyes just from aging.  It is typically due to weight loss, issues with the teeth or issues with the eyes.  My recommendation would be to recheck her weight and check her mouth.  If the puffiness continues, then I would recommend a visit to your vet. 

Great question.  

Thank you, 

Dr. Jacki
Dr. Jacki, D.V.M.
ASK THE VET on All Things Dog Blog

For more information on Dr. Jacki and her practice, you may find her at  4 Paws House Calls. A personal appointment will likely provide more specific information on your dog and your specific questions.

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Dr. Jacki's opinion or advice does not replace an actual exam with a veterinarian. 

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