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Sunday, February 28, 2010

ASK THE VET: Solutions for Chilly Morning Bathroom Runs

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Jacque Models his Red Sweater
Dear Dr. Jacki:

Are there any fabrics I should avoid when I buy my little dog a sweater or jacket?

We have had a lot of cold and I would like to get him something to wear when he goes outside in the early morning. He shivers and sometimes doesn't want to do his duty in the grass. He just wants to come inside. Then we have an oopsie!

Dear Reader:

There are no particular fabrics to avoid when buying a sweater or jacket for your pet.  I would be sure that it fits correctly and that it is not too tight or loose.  Typically dogs do not like the feel of cold or wet ground on their feet so this may be part of the issue as well.  If you could clear a space for him to go potty outside then this may make him more comfortable.  Good luck!! 

Dr. Jacki
Dr. Jacki, D.V.M.
ASK THE VET on All Things Dog Blog

For more information on Dr. Jacki and her practice, you may find her at  4 Paws House Calls. A personal appointment will likely provide more specific information on your dog and your specific questions.

You can read more of Dr. Jacki's articles at her archives page

Dr. Jacki's opinion or advice does not replace an actual exam with a veterinarian. 

Shopping for sweaters for your pup? Most of these come in a range of sizes for small to large dogs:

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