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Friday, March 16, 2012

Weekly Wag #12:
Building the Fetch Cycle

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
©All Things Dog Blog
Fetch is Fun--Water or Land
Last week's Stringing Skills for Fetch post was intended to get you started on the cycle of the game. Dogs who are not familiar with the give and take of a Fetch game will learn it by repetition. Fifteen minute practice sessions of Fetch will go a long way in a short time to helping your dog know what to expect, and what you expect of him.

Once he is returning the ball to you and releasing it, make sure to:
  • Get him to sit
  • Have him wait for the throw
  • Now begin to correlate the command "Fetch" with the toss. If this is a new word for your dog, don't expect him to connect the dots immediately. It may take a week or two. There's no hurry.
  • One more fine point on that note. It your dog is so well behaved that he does not take off after the throw when you say "Fetch", he may need a quick release command first, and then the "Fetch" can trail behind. He'll get the connection soon enough. It's actually a good thing if he's hesitant to run before you give permission, so please don't scold over that. If it's a problem, you may want 2 or 3 toys to toss in case it takes a few tries to get him moving. Some dogs' rock solid stay may be stronger than their desire to chase. That can be a very good thing in other activities, so go with it and use his release command.

Pretty soon, the "F" word will become a favorite in your home, just as it is in mine. Join me next week to cover some advanced Fetch games for your gifted Fetch students. If you're not quite ready, save the ideas for later. Changing up the game keeps it fun and new for your Dog, allowing his mental muscle to grow, even as his body is getting stronger with this exercise. Happy tails!

Three announcements warrant some excitement:
    Weekly Wag Button
  1. The Weekly Wag Fetch training series has a prize sponsor. You can view the prizes and enter to win here.
  2. There are only 2 weeks left until the Quarterly Participation Drawing from Weekly Wag comments at the sign up post. Sadly, there are not many entries. That's good news for you though, as you can jump in now and have a better chance of winning. Sign up here and leave some feedback on your progress bonding with Fido using the Weekly Wag exercises.
  3. I suppose now you're wondering what the prize is. I consulted with Tanner and Oliver regarding our weekend road trip, one of our favorite ways to bond. We've decided the following prize is suitably themed: a Subaru, Dog Tested, Dog Approved travel blanket with bedroll straps and handle, a Mankinddog travel bowl for parched pups on the road (we like ice cubes for less mess), and the necessary poop bags for the trip, thanks to our Eco-friendly sponsor, Flush Puppies.

This post is part of the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop hosted by Life with DogsTwo Little Cavaliers, and Confessions of the Plume. You are welcome to link up here, or check any of their sites for their rules of participation. Happy hopping!


Bassetmomma said...

Just hopped by to say Happy St. Patty's Day!

Anonymous said...

Hey it's Jet here. Hopping by for our weekly lessons...

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

@hetitsjethere: Hope classes are going well. Have you signed up for the drawing for a prize for the Weekly Wag participants?

Anonymous said...

Oh Dog! Happy St. Paddy's Day to ya!

Kirby the Dorkie said...

Tanner you look like you are having fun! Kirby does NOT fetch but we can't wait for hot weather cos he started learning to ride a boogie board last summer! Happy Paddy Day and thanks for stopping by!!!

melf said...

I'm looking forward to next week's post. Jasper has Fetch down really well (he's obsessed with it), but introducing some new games would be fun. Great series!

haopee said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Peanuts has learned fetch, but instead of fetch I say "GO!!!!"- with all the excitement and hype in the world.

Huggies and Cheese,


Anonymous said...

Popcorn loves to play fetch on land but i'm hoping that she'll learn to fetch in water soon :D after all her standard poodle friends are water retrievers! :}

Paw hugs! ♥

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

Good input this week! I hope you have all signed up for the Weekly Wag group to be included in the drawing at the end of the month. Leave some feedback there on your progress and cross your fingers. Thanks!

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