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Monday, November 28, 2011

Twas the Week After Thanksgiving:
Our Holiday Helpline:

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
I'm taking a bit of time off to catch my breath, prepare for the holidays and spend time with family that is in town. I won't leave you hanging though. Here's everything you could possible need to keep you moving forward this week, starting with current giveaways. Watch for more that will pop up on Thursday, and don't miss Fido's Freebie Friday where you'll find plenty of goodies to shoot for.

Below is a link list to share some important helpful resources: safety, gifts, entertainment, giveaways, and saving money. 

Current Giveaways in Progress
Dog Books for Young Children
Dog-Themed Sling Handbags
LeashLocket Retractable Leash with Collar Attachment

Tips for Visitors and Hosts:
Dog-Proofing Your House

Boarding Tips

Books for Dog Lovers: Review and/or Purchase

Safe and Happy at Home: Dogs and Your Visitors
Happy Holiday Hounds: 10 Safety Tips for Thanksgiving
Keeping Your Dog Safe During the Holidays
Dog First Aid and Poison Control Information at Your Fingertips
Dog-Safe Travel Around Town and On the Highway
Is Fido Dog-Gone Ready for Vacation? We've Got You Covered!
Dog Toy Safety: Choosing the Right Toys for Your Dog
Do it For Your Dog: Don't Drive Drowsy
Pet QR Tags Keep Tabs on Fido
Human Foods for Fido

Gifts for Fido and Dog Lovers
Kyjen Puzzle Toys

For Dog Lovers

Videos: Holiday and Bonding Time

Saving Money on Dog Needs


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