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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Special Needs of Your 'Only Dog'

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I'm an only child, so this is a great topic for me. I can totally relate to what my dogs need because kids need much of the same stuff as dogs. It's just common sense, but if you have only one dog, it can't hurt to read this list and make sure you're giving your Fido everything he or she needs to be fulfilled:

  • Exercise (duh!): Get out and walk!
  • A job ( doubtful he will take out the trash, but you could try training him to bring in the newspaper or pick up his toys or be your doting companion (heel?).
  • Affection: This is the easy stuff that you don't have to work at, like belly rubs and snuggles and hugs.
  • Healthy food that doesn't make him fat and meets his particular needs nutritionally.
  • Toys: They don't have to be expensive, but a few will help to keep him occupied when he needs a playmate and you are busy.
  • Treats: Reward for good behavior and you'll get more of it.
  • Dog companionship and socialization: Go to the dog park or visit friends with a dog regularly.

Tanner's Favorite Exercise is Fetch in the Swimming Pool. I use this tool to throw the ball:

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