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Thursday, December 16, 2010

THE Book for All My Rescue-Loving Readers: Oogy

by Carrie Boyko, CEB

I know. This may seem like the lazy way out of doing a book review. When I found this interview on YouTube, I decided to use it because of the images of the family interacting with the dog. I particularly enjoyed seeing Oogy standing on top of the dining room table, a behavior described as frequent in the book. I got a good laugh out of that, as I probably wasn't sure that was true. I guess it is!

Now for some thoughts on this story. As you might have guessed, it starts at the beginning--the sad stuff. What Oogy went through is a tale in and of itself. Yet Larry Levin, the author, wove Oogy's story into the rest of the family--most particularly their adopted twin sons, Noah and Dan. The lessons shared about adoption as a permanent bond of nurturing transcend the human and animal worlds, making this story a great one for a middle school child, as well as adults. Oogy overcame more obstacles than you can imagine, and always with the grace, ease and effervescent love that was to become the definition of this family. You'll get more than a good read; you'll feel emboldened to go out and adopt another dog that wouldn't ordinarily get a second look at the pound. 

Would you like to experience this book? I have a once-used audio version of the book (5 CDs) that I'll give to the first reader that can correctly identify Oogy's breed in a comment. Use the comment link at the bottom of the post. 1-2-3- Go!

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Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful story. Looks like I am going to have to read another book! I have no idea what breed Oogy is. Do you listen to the audio books while driving?

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

Yes. Once a week or so I visit my mom in a nearby town. It's about a 3 hour round trip--perfect for listening to an audio-book. This story was so inspirational that I had to share it.

Unknown said...

Dogo Argentino (or Argentine Mastiff). A "Dogo" is bred to be a pack hunter & guardian.

If you look up Goggle Books, there is 4-5 pages from the book that elaborates on the breed. Very interesting.

Great story! Please think about adopting. We did 4 years ago!

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

Congratulations "Carrie" for naming Oogy's breed correctly. And how lucky you are to have one at home. No doubt you will enjoy the endearing story. Send me your address and it will be yours:

Elizabeth said...

YAY Carrie! :)

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

This is super confusing with all these Carries...

Melissa T. said...

I'm cleaning out my bookmarks and came upon this. What a great video!! I think that's an excellent way to do a book review, it lets us inside their world, to get past the words and see the reality. Oogy lucked out and has a wonderful family to spend life with. And standing on top of the table was great!! lol

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