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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Holiday Helpline Pet Tips

by Carrie Boyko, CEB

Holiday Tips Offered Here
The Weekly Wag is on vacation as of today, so please accept my sincere wishes for a happy rest of 2013. I'll be running photos that are being entered for giveaways, along with Fido's Freebie Friday and a few other hit and miss articles. 

I'm excited to be sharing Texas with Dogs with you soon. Watch for a guest post by my
Event Barkers partner, Paris of

I'm also including below some links to articles I've written previously that have great value at this time of year. I hope you'll find something useful below. Looking forward to seeing you in 2014!

Tips for Visitors and Hosts:
Dog-Proofing Your House

Books for Dog Lovers: Review and/or Purchase
Assistance Dog Stories

Safe and Happy at Home: Dogs and Your Visitors
Happy Holiday Hounds: 10 Safety Tips for Thanksgiving
Keeping Your Dog Safe During the Holidays
Dog First Aid and Poison Control Information at Your Fingertips
Dog-Safe Travel Around Town and On the Highway
Is Fido Dog-Gone Ready for Vacation? We've Got You Covered!
Dog Toy Safety: Choosing the Right Toys for Your Dog
Do it For Your Dog: Don't Drive Drowsy
Pet QR Tags Keep Tabs on Fido
Human Foods for Fido

For Dog Lovers

Videos: Holiday and Bonding Time

Saving Money on Dog Needs

Finally, stop by on New Years to find out all about the plans for our Super Dog events, a reader favorite for sure. Warm up your cameras and get those football themes ready for your Super Dog Sunday™ photo contest entries. The Packer twins at my house are ready to rock!

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