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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pet Photo Contest Entries Go Long!

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
© MW
 An Adoptable Dog in Ft. Collins, CO
I gotta say this one melted my heart. Thanks to Jade's submitter for finding her. If  you would like to help Jade, tell someone or share her story at the link. Make a donation to Petfinder foundation if you are so inclined. It will make you feel sooooo good. Jade with thank you!

Are you recognizing the photo prop footballs in these pictures? I had them made to assist would-be participants with theming their photos. I think I got just a tad bit carried away and still have a collection to unload. I'm thinking maybe a school, daycare or a homeless shelter where children stay will be able to put them to good use.

It has been fun watching the football show up in so many of your photos. Thanks for using them!
© Olivia's A.
Olivia Liked this Display at the Grocer
Olivia's photo was a rather clever creation by the grocery stockers. Did you notice the football at the top center that is made out of cases of drinks. I got a tickle out of Olivia's owner's message. She wanted me to know that Olivia is not a spokesdog for Pepsi!
© KD
This is Rufio

Now this fella definitely looks like linebacker, or maybe a tough coach! Rufio is a Neopolitan Mastiff, one of biggest couch potatoes on the planet. I've known a few, and loved them. But they are big. Did I mention they are large? Yup!

© SG
Schooner  Put Up Good Fuss
Over Wearing this Jersey

Finally, Schooner allowed his mom to take a shot of him wearing his jersey. She has put quite a bit of work into getting Schooner to cooperate. Clothing is not one of his favorite ways to have fun. I gotta say, "Schooner, you wear it well!"

Once again, don't forget to check in with Dogtipper to see their posts of Super Dog Sunday photos. We've split the submissions to share with you from both blogs. If you're a night owl or are out on the west coast, you still have nearly 8 hours until the Blog Hop opens at 8 AM EST on Sunday morning. At that time, you'll be able to see all the photos in one place. Some will be cropped, so feel free to click on the pics to visit our posts and read the write ups or see the whole photo. Thanks for joining us, and feel free to stop by Petfinder Foundation and leave a little something behind for your fun.


Misty said...

Olivia - It's good to see you. You do know you are the envy of the WHOLE internet, don't you? You maybe working, but you get to go to the people food store! On a side note, I wish Jade could come live here. She's so pretty, and she loves the snow like me. Good luck everyone and have fun today. Slurps, Steel

Olivia R said...

i cannot believe that not only did u post each photo, but u also took yhe time to writw a blurb about each one. Your dedication is amazing Carrie

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