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Sunday, February 5, 2012

We're Live at Super Dog Sunday™
With Your Photo Submissions

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
© LG
Shayna and Tiki
I don't envy the judges in their decision making tonight. When you look at photos like this one, that has obviously had a lot of creative effort and time taken to prepare it, you have to marvel at the fun that owners are having with their dogs. This is definitely a bonding moment just like the one discussed in our Weekly Wag edition called "Say Cheese". I suppose that command won't work for this team Steelers though; it's more of a Packer command! What do you tell a Steeler fan when you want them to smile for a photo?
© UG
Sawyer Looks Impatient
 for a Referee Call

I'm just loving the dog names today. Isn't Sawyer a cute one? He looks as if he's definitely focused on the Ref: "What's the call, huh?"
© C. Boyko
Yup! That's My Team
I hope you guys are enjoying the show. Please consider a quick donation to Petfinder Foundation at this special link just for Super Dog Sunday™, for helping to care for and find forever homes for rescue pets. My own family has a rich history of rescued pets that will thank you from the bottom of their hearts! Oliver would like to start; he's a rescue that has warmed our hearts.
© SD
Shiloh on the Score Board!

Paris, my Super Dog Sunday™ partner over at Dogtipper, did a great job of locating some free online editing sites to create decked out photos like this one of Shiloh. I love the scoreboard poster-style pic. It really shows off the dog in a cool way!
© JD

Harbor is a Patriot's fan, as you can see from his headband. His collar even has footballs on it. I'd like to hear back from Harbor's owner about where to find that collar--very cute. Thanks for entering Harbor!

Skipper's mom has been working overtime to show off some of the Petfinder adoptable pets in her area. Bravo, as this is what Super Dog Sunday™ is all about. All proceeds of this event is go to support the work of, and rescuing pets is what they do. Go team!

© SG reader copyright
Skipper Brought Extra Footballs

Super Dog Sunday™ is a charity event to support homeless pets. All proceeds of this event go to Petfinder Foundation. There is no purchase necessary to enter the photo contest, nor are you required to donate in order to enter your photo.


Boondocks Love Shack Pack said...

Let's go, Giants!!!

Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

Jillian Downing said...

Harbor is a girl,(not your fault)everyone gets her confused :) The collar is from Rustic Hound

Dawn W. said...

While we love our Broncos and Tebow we are very happy for the Giants! Congrats to the Giants on a great win! Great job!

Thanks for all of the great "Super Dog Photos". We have been getting a kick out of them! There are some Super Pooches out there!

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