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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Super Dogs Have Swamped Our Email!

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
© A.C. reader copyright
Meet Gage, Adoptable in Cheyenne, WY
This beautiful dog is a real looker, and not only that, he's affectionate, silly and fetch maniac. Sounds like a good companion for Tanner, but a little too far away. :( As a matter of fact, Gage is so special he has now been sponsored at his rescue. What a beauty!
© BV
What fun this is! Dogtipper and I are posting away and as we do, more photos are popping up in our email. Be sure to stop over there and check out the photos that she has posted for even more fun. In the morning, all the photos will appear on the Blog Hop images at 8 AM. If you wish to see a larger image of a photo, simply click the photo to visit the post. It's that simple!
© BV
Layla Roo

That was quite a cute family of 
furry friends. Let's close this post
out with Yoyo:
                                  © C.M.
The fun thing about running an event like Super Dog Sunday™ are all the surprises. Tonight I got photos from one of hubby's work associates. They came by way of multiple email forwards to get to me. Who knew?! Layla Roo looks like a great playmate for Tanner, and came with packmates Master Wong and
Southpaw. Ya gotta love those names, right?!!
© BV
Master Wong
Even Likes a Pigskin!

Don't forget to visit the other half of our super pets that are showing off their fun football regalia over at Dogtipper. And tomorrow morning the Photo Contest and Blog Hop will officially open at 8 AM, when you'll be able to see them all together in one place. Both blogs will be displaying the entire collection as it grows throughout the day.

 Don't forget that a little help given to Petfinder Foundation will help keep this going. Click this link or visit any of the banners you see on the site to offer whatever you can. We appreciate your support for their work. 

Watch for opportunities to vote for your MVP (most valuable pup), and also to win prizes for commenting. Get into the conversation and have some fun! Happy tails,


Ashley Clark said...

Great News... Just found out today!!! GAGE WAS ADOPTED!!

It was a great day to see this amazing boy who was with us for MONTHS go to a great home!!

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

Petfinder scores a touchdown! That's great news!

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