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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dog Days of Halloween:
#SafeHowlOween Party Tool Kit

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Super Nemo is Here to Help

This #SafeHowlOween Twitter Party seems to be baffling everyone. But never fear, help is here. You simply need the 411 on all the necessary tools of a Twitter Party attendee:

  1. Make sure you RSVP'd properly by testing your @MYTwitterHandle on the RSVP guest list here. If you're having trouble, read RSVP to Join the Fun. Finally, if you still can't seem to get it working, send us an email at
  2. Make sure you've boned up on the Twitter language. Here's some tips at Twitter 101: Tweeting for Rookie Rovers and Help with DMs and RTs.
  3. Be ready to man your REFRESH button. This will be your best friend in keeping up with the conversations.
  4. Check in with your hosts when you arrive: @AllThingsDog, @Dogtipper and @FidoseofReality will want to know you have arrived. That will put you on the list for door prizes!
  5. Keep the guest list open in another tab during the party so you can find handles you'd like to tweet to.
  6. Always use the #SafeHowloween HASHTAG during the party. You probably already noticed that it fits neatly into your conversations.
  7. If you have conversations going on outside the party, please do not use the #SafeHowloween hashtag in those. It will just confuse  us all!
  8. Be on time so you don't miss any of the deets (that's details in Twitterese).
  9. Mingle: Just like at any party, you need to work it. Get around and say hello to as many new people as you can.
  10. Watch for prize announcements throughout the party. It could be you and you'll need to reply with your address by DM to the host that announced your prize.
  11. If you win a prize, check your DMs for a request for your address. Reply promptly so you'll be sure to get your prize timely.
  12. Watch the safety information that @BalancedCanine and @FidoseofReality will be discussing for helpful tips. Feel free to ask followup questions by addressing either of these hosts.
  13. Answer (A's) questions (Q's) with @Dogtipper and @AllThingsDog to win prizes.
  14. Use the discount codes offered by our sponsors after the party: Terra Paws: -30% with code "OCT30" and Dr. Mark Nunez's Vet Pharmacy: -15% with code "fans". If you have questions about the codes, address @TerrPaws or @BalancedCanine with your questions.
  15. Don't miss the grand finale. At the end, the Halloween Fido Photo contest winners will be announced and a Grande Prize will be given to one party participant. While photo contest winners need not be present to win, #SafeHowlOween party winners MUST be present to win. Be sure to answer your DM with your address promptly.
  16. If you're struggling with a DM, you can send an email with your address to
  17. Take a deep breath and enjoy the party!


Kolchak Puggle said...

I'm getting excited! This will be my first Twitter party!

Carol Bryant said...

Super doggone fun - cannot wait!

Lanae said...

I am new to twitter so I have a couple questions. First, all the hosts haven't requested to follow me yet, don't they have to in order for me to attend the party? Also, how exactly do I "check-in" with everybody when I arrive for the party? Thanks!

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

Excellent questions. We can follow you without your approval unless you have your tweets locked. More importantly, you need to follow us in order to win prizes. Only those on the RSVP list can win.

You check in by simply sending a tweet to the hosts. Ex: "@AllThingsdog I'm here and I'm ready to man my refresh button. Let's party!"

Lanae said...

Carrie, thanks for the answers! I am following all of you and am on the RSVP list. I do have my tweets privacy protected, but of course I will accept the request when you guys send it!

One other question, when I click on the #SafeHowlOween hashtag to see the related party tweets I don't see a way to send a tweet while also staying within the #SafeHowlOween hashtag. (I hope that makes sense!) Will this change for the party or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks again! I am so excited for my first twitter party!

Unknown said...

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