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Saturday, October 22, 2011

More Dog Days of Halloween:
#SafeHowlOween Sign-In

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Tonight's question seems to be one on many a #SafeHowloween party goer's mind: How do I sign into a Twitter Party? We're so good at over-thinking things, aren't we?

A Twitter Party is not much different from a cocktail party. You say hello to your host when you arrive. You mingle. You maybe win a door prize. You say thank you when you leave.

The biggest difference is that you can wear your pajamas or your piggie suit to our Twitter Party, just like Kaylie here.

At 8:30 sharp the #SafeHowlOween Twitter Party will begin with introductions from @AllThingsDog, @Dogtipper and @Fidose of Reality. Plan to be online before 8:30. As you arrive on Twitter, you should check in with us. HINT: We need to know you are here in order for you to win prizes. This only requires a simple tweet with our hashtag included:
"Hi @Dogtipper. I'm here and ready to man my refresh button. What should I do now at #SafeHowloween?"
The answer? Join in some conversations or read and follow along. Here are two tips to help you keep up and have fun:

  • Hit the refresh button very frequently.
  • Always use the #SafeHowloween hashtag in ALL tweets, so everyone at the party will be able to follow the conversation.
That's it! Really. 

You'll notice that there will be multiple pockets of conversation going on just like any other cocktail party. You can join in any that you wish, or just watch the discussions. 

Dr. Mark (aka @BalancedCanine) will also be answering safety questions that were sent in before the party. Fidose of Reality will be moderating these questions. You can listen to these and ask follow up questions when you would like to know more. Be sure to bring your manners along and thank Dr. Mark for taking his time to help us all out tonight, and for offering a great bargain on things from his vet pharmacy.

Our friend Anthony from @TerraPaws will be on hand to answer questions about his product and simply enjoy the party he has provided treats for. Be sure to say hello and thank him for his donations. Watch for the details on his discount code for participants also.

When a question is asked by @Dogtipper or @AllThingsDog, feel free to offer an answer. There may be a prize for the winner, so why not? Just jump right in and participate. You won't have to worry about embarrassing moments at other cocktail parties, like getting tipsy from the punch or a costume malfunction. 

Two final tips and I'll sign off.  My previous post gives a little more detail on the how-tos of a Twitter Party. If you need more detail, please stop in and read "SafeHowlOween Party Tool Kit." 

Although we've mentioned it before, you should double check that you are following all of your hosts. In order to win a prize, you'll need to DM us with your address. If you are not following us, this won't work. So play it safe and show up ready to win. Good luck!


Lanae said...

Great info! One quick question, should/could we use TweetChat ( for the #SafeHowlOween party? I am new to this so I don't know if it's legit or not, but it sounds very useful. Thanks!

Ashley Clark said...

One twitter party i went to we had to sign in using a separate part of twitter... I don't remember what it was called but then all of the people involved were seen in one screen... is there something like that for this or do we just use the normal twitter?

shilohsmom said...

Do we sign in with each host separately, or just send one sign-in comment with the hashtag?

Scrappy@YorkieTails said...

oops. my paw hit the wrong key in my twitterhandle, but the link still appears to work. no way to edit it. darn. i guess i just got too excited for the party!

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

ShilohsMom: Just one sign in with the hashtag will do the trick. We will all be able to see it. You can use one of our handles in an @mention to be sure. Thanks for asking.

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

@Ashley41Jones: We're just using regular Twitter streams. You can work from any twitter interface you prefer as we do not have a "room" for our party this time.

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