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Friday, June 3, 2011

Organix Dog Food Giveaway
Winners' Announcement

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
© Carrie Boyko
Marilyn Won our Heart with This Photo
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Looks Good!

It's a good thing I hid the coupons for the free bags of food. Today I have the fun job of naming the winners--all 12 of them. This was one tough competition to keep track of. I had comments, emails, Tweets and Facebook comments flying! One would get the impression that there are a lot of folks eager to try Organix. And for good reason. Tanner and Oliver's vibrant good health is testament to its healthy ingredients. Before I get on with the festivities, let's let Oliver eat. He's been waiting patiently.

© Carrie Boyko
Chow Down, Boy
There's one more thing I'd like to add before I go ahead with the big news. I want to remind you that changing your dog's food is not like deciding to have a steak for breakfast, instead of eggs. Fido's tummy is more sensitive to change than ours. Be sure to read yesterday's post on how to transition your pup from one food to another comfortably.

Tanner and Oliver will be munching down on their stash of Organix Crumb Cookies, Pupsicles and Busy Bones. We sure hope you enjoyed our series on organic foods for your pup, and I invite you to visit again for more info on green and natural care for your Fido.  Well, I guess it's time to get on with the show.

One last thing before we name the Organix Twelve, aka our lucky winnersPlease know that if you were not among the winners today, your entry(ies) will remain in the pot for future drawings. One of these days, it will be your turn. Watch for upcoming giveaways to include: new gator toys, a very fashionable petite dog carrier, Flushpuppies, Pooch Super Bouncer Balls with treat pockets,  Doog Dog Walk Belt, Petstages mini Nesting Mat, and more adorable dog-themed handbags, to name just a few.

Drawn from a pot of massive numbers of entries (no; I did not count them!), your winners are listed in the order of the draw:
  1. Shibasenji
  2. Gloria and Rocky
  3. Baldrick and Blackadder
  4. Ruby Dooby
  5. Daisy the Coonhound
  6. Sam
  7. Marty W. and Juliet
  8. Peggy and Kelly
  9. Molly M. and Marilyn
  10. Dawn
  11. JC
  12. Amy W. and Sophie
You are the Organix Twelve! Congratulations, and be sure to send your addresses to me post haste at Your coupons for a free 5.25 lb. bag of Organix will arrive in envelopes complete with some extra surprises. On behalf of the folks at Castor and Pollux Pet and All Things Dog Blog, we thank you for reading and participating in this series. We encourage you to choose the best possible food for your pet, because he's worth it. Happy tails!

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Carly @GreenDogLove said...

Congrats to the winners!

Anonymous said...

Woohooooo! We're #1!!
Heh, we're just excited because this is the first giveaway we've ever won. =) I sent the pertinent info to another gmail address. Should I resend to the one listed here?

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