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Friday, April 11, 2014

Eureka! Let's Eradicate Pet Fur

by Carrie Boyko, CEB

Our #EurekaPower giveaway certainly did garner a lot of interest. It's no great surprise, as this vacuum has won awards at my home too. Did you read my review of this AirSpeed EXACT Pet vacuum? Check it out at the link after you read this post to see if you are one of the lucky winners. Spring cleaning has never been so easy, and just in time for company to arrive at All Things Dog Blog HQ. Yay!

Is it too terribly geeky (geekie?) to admit that I actually enjoyed reviewing a vacuum? Sigh. What was the most fun was when we were trying to videotape a Doga video and I did my klutz thing and dumped the treats all over the floor. With the camera rolling, I just plunged right in, grabbing the vacuum quickly to turn that video clip into a commercial. What fun and so easy too! I just chopped off the front end and my commercial was ready to go. Who knew?

While reading your comments that shared some of your worst pet messes, I decided I just had to share this one: 
Elle said...
Worst pet mess ever? A few years ago I was carrying the litter box down to the garage to fully dump out and then subsequently wash which I do every couple months to keep things fresh and as I made my way down the flight of stairs, I tripped and spilled the dirty litter all over my family room carpet. It was everywhere and I def could have used this vacuum for that.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who sighed aloud for Elle. Although many of the messes you described were awful, I had to pick one that stood out. Somehow, falling down the stairs with an armload of cat litter really sounded tragic. Best of luck to Elle in her future kitty litter cleanups. I've made a mental note to bag Patches' box when walking through the house with it. Check!

For those of you who still want more information or are ready to jump in the car and go grab your own AirSpeed EXACT Pet, here's some resources. You'll find the vacuum available at Walmart, both in store and online. And your questions can be posed on Facebook or Twitter. I'm sure the nice folks at Eureka will be happy to shed some light on any questions you may have.

Now that we've arrived at the day of our winners announcements, I'm sure you're all chomping at the bit. I would be too; a vacuum is not small prize, and you're going to love, love, love this puppy.  Our winners are D. Webster and C.A. Downer. Step up and claim your prizes!

I'll be in touch by email from If you see this announcement, feel free to go ahead and send your full name, street address, and a phone number for the shipper. We definitely don't want them to have trouble finding your home. Congratulations and have fun doing your Spring cleaning.

Happy tails,

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Disclosure: In order to share my experience with the Eureka Airspeed EXACT Pet vacuum, I received one to test in my home. The opinions here and in our review and giveaway are completely my own.


The Diamond Dogs said...

That would be pretty awful-poor Elle! And congrats to the winners

Kimberly Gauthier, Dog Nutrition Blogger for Keep the Tail Wagging said...

I don't think it's geeky at all - I had a blast. I made a couple Vines. I do not like vacuuming, but the Eureka is so amazing, light weight and easy to use that I don't mind vacuuming at all now.

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