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Monday, June 3, 2013

Mutt Monday: Greener Flea Control

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
After years of hot spots and  skin issues on our sweet Xena, we eventually switched to an organic approach to everything: food for both ourselves and our pets, lawn care, pet pest prevention as well as housecleaning products. No sooner did we make these changes than our Xena finally ceased her constant series of skin troubles. It is clear now that she was reacting to pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers on our lawn, where she enjoyed lounging each morning. I wish I had known sooner.

Now we're on a quest to do everything possible to keep Tanner and Oliver toxin-free for a long, healthy life. Below I've shared some of the many posts I've written on how we manage these pests. You may find yourself having an aha moment when you read some of them. Please feel free to share your thoughts or leave your questions in the comments section. I'll do my best to help with anything you'd like to learn more about.

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I invite other bloggers to join me by adding their posts about greener pest prevention throughout this entire week. Next week we'll be visiting a new topic, but one that's very close to Tanner's heart:
Water Fun for Dogs
With Summer here, we'll be sharing some of the ways we use water to enjoy a cooling activity on a hot day. See you next week!

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evie said...

i had major problems with fleas b/c i babysat a friend's dog for several months on and off. each time she brought fleas, until my dog pen and house were infested. i was so mad. it took me hundreds of dollars, trial and error b/c i did not want to use chemicals. i used Diatomaceous earth, food grade, which i got at a grain store, put in their pens, also sprayed with all natural bug spray. i also used and still use organic bed bug spray..i washed them w/ dawn dishwashing liquid, let them sit for abt 10 minutes, rinsed w/ organic apple cidar vinegar, but did not rinse out...i tried many organic, all natural sprays on the dogs and in my house. it took almost 2 yrs..i did have to resort to comfortis for all 3 girls for 1 mo. but finally got under is a pain, and i still check and work at it. i did not want to use any chemicals in my house or yard b/c i was scared of hurting the dogs. a vet tech told me the flea/tick tag works very well as well, it is the tag the dogs wear on their collar. it takes a few days to set in, but it works. i am going to get 3 of those for my girls. i now use some homeopathic drops by earth ? and evol spray. the ticks are very bad this yr..i have been bit abt 12 times. i tried abt 8 different all natural sprays for the dogs and tried some other drops as well. the ark products did nt work well at all.

Dawn said...

We don't use anything in the yard and, thankfully, we don't have trouble with pests. I've heard this season is going to be really bad with ticks so I better be proactive rather than reactive. A natural preventative sounds like the way to go.

Debbie Riley said...

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Pacos Hope said...

still havent found what works in yard that is toxic free... we used different herbs planted in yard.. but with feral cats, and squirrels visiting it makes it hard :( we made sure paco is in gluteen free diet.. which helps... and give him a bath with shampoo mixed with tea tree oil, ground oats, and cloves ( natural chemastry has a shampoo that helps some)... I also spritz him with a bottle that has lemon rines , water, and viniger mix.. before we go out in woods.. and he gets brushed daily to keep eye out for little buggers who sneak in ... always looking for natural ways to keep the buggers off :)

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