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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tips for Winning with Event Barkers

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Each Prize Package Contains All This!
Event Barkers has tried to make our events very sensational, with something for
everyone. That's right! If you're not interested in prizes, that's okay. You can join us to check out the cute photos submitted as #WorkLikeaDog entries, learn more about Zuke's products and convictions about active dogs for their U.S. made products, make new friends online, or get training tips from yours truly. Yep! That's my job at this party.

If you're like many who join us to win prizes, you'll want to read on. I've got some tips to help you get onto the winners' list. Each is a strategy, so pick one or do them all. The more you do, the better your chances:

Ways to win, even if you can't join us for #WorkLikeaDog:

  • Make sure you RSVP. One Twitter handle on the list will win the terrific prize package you see above.
  • PreTweet. This is so simple you'll be asking why you didn't do it! Visit my PreTweet announcement post and simply click the RT button on the embedded Tweets you'll find there.
  • Rafflecopter entries seem to go on forever, but don't fret. You can pick the ones you enjoy most and stop there. Or, shoot for the moon and try them all! 
  • If you'd like a break from computer time, grab your phone or camera and enjoy a
    courtesy s.g.
    Try a Linkedin Profile Pic
    photo shoot
    with your pup front and center as the star. There are a bunch of ways to enter your photos with or without captions, just don't forget the hashtag. Some methods include: Email a pic of your pup at work--even if he's napping on the job--and after you've sent your photo to us, you can grab extra points by sharing your pic on Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest.  You can also send us your Fido's Linkedin profile pic complete with a title that he'd like to have if he worked at Zuke's. Enjoy this!
  • Take a Vine video and share it to Twitter using the hashtag. I've written a How To post on using Vine that you can read as a guide. You'll be taking videos of your pups in a matter of minutes.
  • You may enjoy watching a few of the videos that Paris and I have made as examples at I've plugged in the hastag to this link already, so you'll see #WorkLikeaDog videos made by and I double dog dare you to be our first Vine entry :)
  • The Rafflecopter offers loads of other easier entries like Twitter and Pinterest follows, subscribing to host blogs and even some additional Tweets. These are super simple and give you an added chance to be the lucky Rafflecopter winner.
  • Read my tips for maximizing your Rafflecopter entries here, for even more helpful ideas.
How to increase your chances of winning at the #WorkLikeaDog Twitter Party:
  • Check in early by saying hello to @EventBarkers so we know you're online and ready to enjoy the party. Remember, the first prize package will be announced promptly at 8:30 PM ET, so don't be late!
  • Participate! Your chat throughout the party will help us know you are still in attendance. We'll be drawing winners every 10 minutes from participating handles.
  • Ways to participate: (1) Comment on @DogTipper's info on @ZukesPets; (2) Jump into some fun conversations about your dog at work with @ParisandJohn; (3) Watch for RT requests, and be sure to RT all winner announcements by @EventBarkers and photos shared by @5MinutesforFido and @HollywoodDogs.
  • Need help? @WoofWoofMama will be on hand as our "Help Desk", so shoot her a Tweet if you need assistance. Follow her to send a DM.
  • Notification of your prize: You'll need to follow @EventBarkers in order to get your DM after the party. Stick around for this if you're a winner. 
  • Prizes/Winner Info: Watch @EventBarkers for winner announcements and prize descriptions every 10 minutes starting at 8:30 PM ET.
  • Grand Prize: Plan to stick around for the Grand Prize at 10 PM ET, when 1 lucky winner, drawn from party participants, will snag all the prizes above plus 3 dog training videos, a fabulous Ruffwear backpack and collapsible bowl for Fido. This will come in handy for days on the trail as well as a day at work. Don't miss it!

As you can see, there are a lot of things you can do to increase your chances of winning. But most of all, it's important to remember that Twitter Parties are a terrific way to learn more about products you may like for your dog and enjoy an evening online. They're fast, fun, and will leave you with a terrific rush when the thank yous and good nites are all through. We hope you'll enjoy #WorkLikeaDog.

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