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Friday, January 18, 2013

Super Dog Pet Prizes: How To Win!

by Carrie Boyko, CEB

Super Dog Sunday Grand Prize!

When our Super Dog Sunday™ Cheer Team members started asking questions about all the events, entries and methods for winning prizes, I realized that it's time to get more clear. With 2 events preparing to launch during the same time frame, we've got a lot of goodies up for grabs. I hope this spells out all the ways to win our prize packages a little more clearly. I'll go through the prize packages in chronological order, aka in the order to be given away:

PreTweet Prize
#SuperDogPics Twitter Party

  1. PreTweet Prize is won by a drawing from Tweets pulled from Twitter using a #SuperDogPics hashtag search. You'll find suggested Tweets here and here and also here. All you have to do is hit the RT icon; it's that easy! You're welcome to enter as many unique Tweets per day, per handle, as you wish.  The PreTweet winner will be drawn 1 day early in order to allow time for the winner to be notified and to submit a photograph of their dog for illustration by @CartoonYourPets. This LIVE illustration will be a part of the #SuperDogPics party fun; join us and enjoy!
  2. You're eligible to win the RSVP Prize for #SuperDogPics simply by entering your RSVP at the linky list at this post. Just follow the simple, step-by-step instructions.  One entry per Twitter handle or person. You need not be present at the party to win this prize package.
  3. The #SuperDogPics Rafflecopter Prize package may also be won without attendance at the Twitter Party. Entries for this prize may be made at the Rafflecopter post linked here in the form at the bottom of the post.
  4. courtesy Toby and Max
    Also in the #SuperDogPics
     PreTweet Prize!
  5. The remainder of the prizes for #SuperDogPics will be drawn every 10 minutes throughout the party and announced by Twitter handle. The Grand Prize will be announced last. Active participants who are Tweeting and participating throughout the party will be eligible to win in these drawings.  
courtesy Toby and Max
Included in Super Dog Sunday™
Grand Prize
  1. The Super Dog Sunday™ PreTweet Prize is also won by a drawing from Tweets pulled from Twitter using a #SuperDogSunday hashtag search. Suggested Tweets are here and here and also here. Once again, all you have to do is hit the RT icon. You may enter as many unique Tweets per day, per handle, as you wish. Entry of a photo is not required to win the PreTweet contest.
  2. The Super Dog Sunday™ Rafflecopter Prize package will be drawn from entries at the Rafflecopter form here. Rafflecopter entrants need not enter a photo in the photo contest to win this prize.
  3. A Cheer Team Prize package will go to one of our Cheer Team members by drawing. We'll simply list them alphabetically and number them for the draw. I have to say that I'm sooooo excited to have this great group of ladies helping us, that I wish there was a prize for each of them. Paris and I count ourselves as very lucky to have their help. To learn more about our Cheer Team, please read my post here.
  4. Five more categories will have fabulous prize packages that will be won by our photo contest winners. The categories are: 1) Cutest photo, 2) Most Original Photo, 3) Best Decked Out Pet Photo (Decked Out=photo editing done with graphics; this category is for owner's pets), 4) Best Decked Out Petfinder Adoptable Pet (for adoptable entries), and 5) Best All Around Submission. This last prize is akin to a Grand Prize and the winner may be chosen by the judges from any category.
You have endless opportunities for entering photos with the addition of the Petfinder Adoptable option. While you may only enter your own pets once per pet, you may enter as many Petfinder Adoptable pets as you wish. Send entries to, making sure to include your pet's name. Additional information for Petfinder adoptables is required. Please read on...

Just to be clear, categories will be assigned by our judges and the judges' (there are two) assignments and choices are final. All Super Dog Sunday™ winners will be announced on and on Monday, February 4.

One additional request that is very important, and near and dear to my heart, is this: In order to give our Petfinder Adoptable entries some much-needed promotion, we ask that all Petfinder Decked Out submissions be sent with this information:
  • The Pet's name
  • The city/state where the pet is located
  • The Petfinder pet's profile page url (this is imperative for location of the pet)
With this information, we will be able to promote these adoptable pets, hopefully getting them some extra views and bringing some of them home. Last year's event found homes for several of our highlighted Petfinder pets; what a joy that was to hear.

Event Barkers is working with @ILoveMyK10, @ThingsYourDog, @TobyandMax, and Gypsy Eyes Clothing to promote their brands via #SuperDogPics Twitter Party. Many thanks also to @LifeandDog and @CartoonYourPets for their prize donations and time assisting as party experts.

Super Dog Sunday™ is 100% charitable and Event Barkers is donating its own time and labor plus prizes to help support Petfinder Foundation and their work with shelter pets. Our sponsors have donated cash and prizes for this event. Please thank them for their support: Arenus, Luv and Emma, Nature's Logic, Toby and Max, with additional prizes provided by Gypsy Eyes Clothing.


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