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Friday, January 25, 2013

Super Dog Clean Up with Luv and Emma

by Carrie Boyko, CEB

After a recent construction event here, our yard is definitely in sad shape. There are areas of dirt exposed and we're in need of some serious Eco-friendly mulch to keep Tanner and Oliver from bringing in the garden soil on their paws. These boys just love running through the gardens to discover what wild critters visited last night.

Until Spring arrives we won't be able to completely correct the situation. Even in the land of 80 degree Winter days, we have the slight risk of a Freeze until after February 28. That's the day that Farmers Almanac puts central Florida in the clear. So, what does this mean?

Dirty Tanner and Oliver feet come and go all day long. Unless we're just headed up and down the driveway to go for our walk, they are all over the yard investigating every corner to see if they can turn up a Raccoon, Armadillo, Opossum, or just a neighborhood Fido friend. 

About once a month or so Tanner manages to corner a critter. It's a funny sight. My 70-pound Golden backs a varmint into a corner and then sits his bum down and looks at me. The question is always the same:"What do I do with him now?" It's all about the chase. He has yet to take these expeditions beyond the cornered critter phase. Whew!

Next is my task of luring his attention to me long enough to  allow the errant mammal to make a run for it. Once the little fella is over the sidewalk he's home free and I'm stuck with a dirty dog. Time for Luv and Emma!

Hanging on the inside of our door handle is a floor saver. With a handy hole to keep it neatly on the door handle and off the floor, our Luv and Emma microfiber towel allows for a quick clean up of paws and feet, and sometimes even snouts that have gotten into mischief. And of course, when they roll on the ground they always bring in lovely grass, weeds and other unidentifiable  stuff.

A few tips on cleaning up Fido at your door:

  • Enter before your dog and grab the towel, turning to block his charge to your white couch!
  • Ask for a sit and talk sweetly while getting his paws cleaned up gently. 
  • Turn the cleanup into a game with a little hide-n-seek or other silliness. Anytime grooming is fun, you're bonding with your dog. That's good, right?
  • Offer a treat for good behavior and soon your pup will love Luv and Emma cleanups just like Oliver does in our photo collage at the top.
  • Rehang your Luv and Emma towel on the door handle to assure it's always there when you need it :)

This is one tool that every dog owner can use. Even if a yard is not in your destination, rain or snow probably is at some time of year. With Luv and Emma, you can clean up Fido before he goes inside to avoid leaving his mess on your carpets and floors. What's not to love about that? No disposable wipes in the landfills or chemical cleaners on your pups paws, waiting to be licked and ingested. Green and Eco; ya gotta love it!
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bichonpawz said...

The dogs are not spending very much time outside right now as it has been in the negative numbers!! We try to keep their paws free of snowballs and many times I just end up cradling their paws in my hands to warm them up and melt the little ice pellets that get between their paw pads. Happy Weekend!!

Anonymous said...

I put an old sheet down by the door and keep some disreputable towels nearby so that I can keep some of the mud contained. Happy Saturday!

Prince2 Project Management said...

My two puppies love to spend more time in the garden. They always carry soil on their paws. I am tired to clean them. Thanks for your easy cleaning method.

Unknown said...

ilgazpet very good

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