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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mutt Monday Counts Down to KickOff

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
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Mutt Monday is so excited about Super Dog Sunday™ that we're going to share some pet photo tips today as our theme of the day. Hopefully you'll all find some ideas that will help with your live photos or even your graphic themes for our FREE photo contest that closes on Sunday, February 3 at 6 PM ET.  

I'm hoping some of my blogger com padres who are also camera afficianados will join in, since I'm no expert. (My Spanish probably needs some work too. Anyone?) My photography approach is more from an artistic vantage point than a tech one. 

If you're a blogger who would like to join in our themed hop next week, let's try 

Simple Training Tips

How simple can we get? There's a challenge for ya! Me too; I'll really have to dig into my archives on this one.

So, here's some tips for today's post from me:
  • Create a small pouch to clip onto your belt that holds a few tools of the trade. I sometimes put it next to my treat pouch, when using treats for the really tough jobs. We've finally gotten to the point where they'll wait for the treat--yay!
  • Inside this pouch you'll want a laser pointer to put attention where you need it, a small squeaky toy to get attention on you (treats work well for this also), and my favorite tip of the #SuperDogPics Twitter Party--a Duck Call! That to @LifeandDog for this one. This tool is great for getting a really dramatic look and sometimes the elusive head tilt, as well.
  • Choose your backgrounds carefully--contrasting colors to make your subject pop, and remove items of distraction or that detract from the subject's beauty.
  • Two solutions for wiggly pups: Candid shots (you'll probably have to take a ton, but you're bound to get one that works) and high tables or stools. Once you place your little one on a small, high spot, he's likely to sit still and stay put till you offer to be his elevator again.
  • Need your dog to look at a specific spot that you can't use the laser pointer for? Try setting a small treat there, just out of sight of the camera.
  • Can't get the dog into the right spot facing the correct direction? Use a treat lure and circle him into the spot you like, lifting the treat to encourage a Sit. Ask for the stay and offer the treat as a reward when done with the shot.
  • When using photo props, every dog needs a unique approach. If your Fido is wary of objects near him, place the items in the location you need them, well before the photo shoot. Put a few treats around them and let Fido get acquainted and used to their presence as he sniffs out and devours the yummies. When done, place your pup and snap your shots while he's happy to have found these new photo props that served up treats.
  • On the contrary, if your pup needs to be settled before the props move in, that's easy to do as long as you plan his position in advance. Try setting up the props, allowing space and locating his exact required position before you begin.
  • Steer clear of the flash whenever possible. Red eye and Green eye are challenging to remove even with photo correction. Point lights at the ceilings and walls to reflect it around the room.
  • Choose early morning or post-sundown times when there's no glare, but still plenty of light. When these times don't work, try a shady spot outdoors--plenty of light and no sunlight streams through your photos.
  • Embrace your bloopers. Sometimes they win prizes!


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