Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Subscription Tweet Winners!

by Carrie Boyko, CEB

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Winning Gets Simpler and Simpler!
In case you were watching for this announcement, I apologize for the delay. My Internet was out yesterday due to landscaping next door that cut the cable. Lucky me had to wait until late into the evening for service to resume. Ahhh....one of the hazards of this job, I suppose.

This Black Friday giveaway was an interesting experiment in which I offered prizes to winners for simply subscribing to All Things Dog Blog. To win the surprise gifts, I asked readers to Tweet the message below. During this very short Tweet session (only 3 days) I was thrilled to get a pile of new subscribers. Yay!
Although I did not announce the prizes (Twitter's 140 characters is rather confining) nor the number of prizes, I sure did get a terrific response. Who knew?!!

Today I plugged my total number of email subscribers into Random.org and came up with these two winners: Arabella and Elka. I've left out their internet service providers and portions of their email addresses for privacy, but will notify them today and offer a prize selection for each winner to choose from for their particular pup, or perhaps themselves. 

Would you like to get in on this action? I plan to run this sort of giveaway again, and each time it will be a surprise. Prizes will be valued at no less than $20. Each prize package will vary, but you will always be offered a prize suitable to your dog's size and sex. No frilly dresses for your Great Dane or large, heavy balls for your Chihuahua. 

So, what do you have to do to win? Let's see how many of you actually got the point, and give you a chance to win AGAIN on December 14. Leave me a comment below (one per reader, please) telling me what you need to do to enter, and I'll do a repeat drawing for one lucky winner. This one will grab 16 pounds of Castor and Pollux Natural Ultramix.

IN ADDITION, I'll also draw one winner from new subscribers starting today, November 27. Keep in mind that your subscription must be activated by returning to your email box and clicking the link inside your confirmation email from Feedburner. Only active subscriptions will qualify for this prize, 16 lbs. of Castor and Pollux Organix. Thanks again for participating and enjoy the ride. Ready, set, go!


Bren Lee said...

Awesome! I picked up my Ultramix over the weekend, after running to a few stores to find it, and I'm liking it! My boy, Titan, seems to really like it. I think the heart shaped kibbles are cute :)

Danielle Murgia said...

In order to win you have to retweet the message and then activate your new subscription to your email. Sissy loves Castor and Pollux!

cdmtx said...

You re-tweet the Message and then activate your subscription to http://www.allthingsdogblog.com

jayedee said...

make sure you've activated your subscription and retweet the message!

Julie said...

Subscribe to All Things Dog Blog and tweet your message.

fati said...

The Importance Of A Dog's Diet

Anonymous said...

That dog food looks pretty good! When I was dog training in miami fl i found that most dogs prefer organically grown foods

Amy Orvin said...

You have to be subscribed to your newsletter and retweet.

I retweeted-https://twitter.com/amyorvin/status/274677609533681664


Kat E. said...

Fun Giveaway! To enter you need to subscribe to All Things Dog Blog and Tweet your message :)

neonkatt007 (at) a ol { d ot} com

Four Paw Savings said...

One needs to subscribe to All Things Dog Blog (which I do!) and then tweet the message. :)

nlbourassa (at) gmail (dot) com

evie said...

retwet the message and subscribe, facebook all things dog blog

Cheryl Chervitz said...

Subscribe to newsletter and retweet your message.

CRichman said...

how fun! retweet the message and be sure to confirm subscription

evie said...

not sure if i am doing this right, i retweeted, already a subscriber
retweet, like, follow, subscriber

Misty said...

Subscribe now: ow.ly/eOMFj.
Confirm subscription.
Follow your tweets and re-tweet!

Finger and Pads are crossed for yummy Castor & Pollux!

Rick said...

Be a follower: http://t.co/fWsgjzmw
Then be a leader : re-tweet!
Then be a winner!

Nancy said...

Molimo is already DROOLING!
She's subscribed.
She's confirmed.
She's ready to re-tweet!
And she's really really ready to win!

steven epstein said...

You re-tweet the Message and then activate your subscription to http://www.allthingsdogblog.com
follow on twitter as @fabric2000


Email Subscription Confirmed! epstein.steven@gmail.com

Trish B. said...

You need to subscribe to All Things Dog Blog and confirm your subscription as you offered prizes to those who do that. You also need to follow All Things Dog Blog on Twitter and you need to re-tweet the message you say to re-tweet to win surprise gifts.
I am a subscriber already and I follow on Twitter! :)

Unknown said...

Subscribe and re tweet the message

Unknown said...

Subscribe and re tweet the message

lennyg said...

Subscribe to All Things Dog Blog. To win the surprise gifts, tweet the message: RT: #BlackFriday #Dog winners drawn from @allthingsdog subscribers. Subscribe now: ow.ly/eOMFj.

Jen S. said...

Activate your subscription and tweet the message.

KateV said...

tweet message then activate subscription

Margie said...

Tweet message and activate the subscription!

Cynthia Downer said...

Retweet and be an activated All Things Dog Blog subscriber.

Shelley P said...

Subscribe to All Things Dog Blog, confirm your subscription and retweet : )

Anonymous said...

Tweet message and activate the subscription!

Thank you,
Vanessa Martinez
vaidas4444 @ yahoo.com

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