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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dog Shampoo Review:
Caroline's Doggie Sudz

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Bathtime, Tanner?
I'm Ready Mom
Turn on the Water!

Grab your rubber ducky. Where's the tub? Fill it up with water. Jump in. Ahhhhh.... "Caroline, take me away". :)

My Tanner does love to relish a good bath. The massage behind his ears and the rubbing of his chest seems to make him relax all over. And the pedicure tub soak loosens all the dirt and other nasties that get stuck between his pads and on his nails. As a puppy, we began right away rubbing his pads gently, while talking sweetly to him. He learned to associate this activity with sweet talk and a treat when we're done. Bathime is now so much fun!

Let's Get Started!
Today we're trying out Caroline's Doggie Sudz shampoo from Austin Rose. You'll be seeing this product and their Lavender and Neem version as prizes in the #BarktoSchool Twitter Party on Sunday. It smells sweet and delicious. Neither Tanner or I like heavily perfumed shampoos, so this Mango and Neem (Neem oil is good for pest prevention) is just the right amount of pleasant.

And sudsy? Wow! The bottle's label says it is 32X concentrated, but using it was all it took to understand that it goes a long way. On a big guy like Tanner, that's a really good thing. We've bought a couple of cheapo shampoos that turned out to only handle 2 baths with a whole bottle. Ouch!

courtesy Austin Rose
Caroline's Doggie Sudz is certified Vegan, meaning that their products have no animal ingredients such as fats included. The sudsy stuff comes from biodegradable coconut and there are some nice emollients and itch-preventers like Vitamine E, Aloe Verra, Yucca, Oatmeal, Chamomile and Cucumber, all great for helping your itchy pup feel oh, so relaxed.

After his bath, Tanner was ready for a nice, long nap. Want to win a 16 oz. bottle of this delicious smelling shampoo. Join us at the #BarktoSchool Twitter Party where 6 bottles will be given away to winners, along with $1000 in other prizes as well. You don't want to miss this! HINT: In order to win prizes, you must RSVP at the link. See you Sunday!

Learn more about Austin Rose here:

Austin Rose's Website
Store Locator (both U.S. and International)

Looking for online stores to purchase Austin Rose products? Here's a few:

Living Foods Lifestyle
Natural Alternative Products
My Ageless Lifestyle
Life's Vigor
Swanson Vitamins


lifewithbeagle said...

Awwww... Cute doggy!

Illinois German Shepherd Breeders said...

As a dog, we started right away massaging his shields carefully, while discussing swiftly to him. He discovered to affiliate this action with lovely discuss and a cure when we're done.

Larrielle said...

We definitely need to win this! Bentley has been scratching nonstop lately and Banfield is running my pockets empty with all these test of what it "might" be. I'm up for trying a shampoo that relieves itching and then go from there. Hope we win 1 out of the 6 on Sunday!

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