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Monday, August 20, 2012

Dog Food: A Guide to Making the Choice

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Bringing your dog home for the first time is such an exciting experience, you vow to love, care and offer your new dog the best you can possibly provide. Dogs can’t talk, so it’s up to you to ensure that they are cared for to the highest level at all times from regular vet checks, daily walks, and playtime and eating a healthy diet.

There are so many dog food brands available on the market and then you have to choose between wet or dry dog foods. Where do you start? How do you find the one that is the best nutrition for your new fluffy family member?

Read the Ingredients

Start by taking the time to read the ingredients on the packaging. Buying a premium dog food at GJW Titmuss, over a budget food brand will ensure that the ingredients do not include any harmful chemicals, colorings or preservatives.

Where is the Protein?

Protein is an essential part of any dog’s diet. You will find that all the dog food brands will offer protein, but where does it appear on the list? The protein should be listed within the first few ingredients on the packaging. If it is at the very top of the list this means that the food is made from real meat and not flavorings.

Be wary of any food that states “liver flavor” or “chicken flavor”; these often do not contain real protein and are made up mostly of grains, which is definitely not the diet you want to be feeding your new friend.

Things to Avoid

When you look at a premium dog food you will see that the type of meat is listed near the top, all the vitamins and nutrients are clearly listed, enabling you to determine the right food for your pet.

Many of the budget dog foods will contain by-products, grains, preservatives, coloring and added chemicals. The best rule of thumb is if you wouldn’t eat it. don’t give it to your dog. The food you buy should be good enough for human consumption.

It’s important to realise that dogs have a different digestive system from ours, so while dog food can contain up to ten per cent grain, it should not contain any more as they cannot digest it properly.

Choose According To Age

Once you know what to look for, it is easier to find the right food for your dog. Dogs have different nutritional needs throughout their lives, so if you have a new puppy, buy puppy food; if your dog is an older dog, buy senior food.

As a puppy they need to build strong teeth and bones and nutrition plays such an important role in this. Senior dogs get slower, their joints start to hurt and they don’t exercise as often, you need food to give them all the vitamins and nutrients they need according to their activity levels and physical needs.

The above post was sponsored by G.J.W. Titmuss  of the United Kingdom.


Larrielle said...

Very helpful article! At the sametime I pulled up the website Bentley's dog food is and checked the ingredients while I was reading this post. I HAVE to get him on new food. I know we had won free Organix in the past and Bentley enjoyed that. I may have to just go back with getting him that.

Jhon said...

Dog Food is a very complicated aspect of feeding or nourishing your pets. Why? because some dog owners think that the nutritional facts that are written on the product label can be tasty for dogs.

If you're going to feed your dog pedigree or other known dog food, it is suggested to buy small packs at first or better yet mix it with real meat flesh so that they will not hesitate to eat them.

Dawn said...

It is very difficult to know which food is best but reading the ingredients certainly helps. I also heard that when the food mentions a meat such as chicken, it should say chicken meal, not chicken by-product.

What are some specific chemicals and stuff do avoid? Looking at my dog food label, there doesn't appear to be anything on there (such as preservatives) that aren't also in human food.

Damian said...

Wow its great seeing people who really care about what they feed their dog. You should check out we are a company that really cares about what we put into our food. Check us out on Facebook too,

best dog food brand said...

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