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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Dog Sunday™ Petfinder
Photo Contest Draws Great Crowd

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
© Carrie Boyko
Oliver Joined 120+ Pets
to Raise Funds for Petfinder Foundation
Photo contests don't get any better than this. Dogtipper and I brought out not only dogs in football themed photos, but also cats, guinea pigs, snakes and a mouse, I think. Hopefully C.D. will confirm that for me!

We want to thank our sponsors, Gringa Loka, PetHub, Tom Bihn, and Wag, for making this all possible. Their help in sweetening the pot with great prizes and a nice donation to Petfinder Foundation made this event a big deal for Dogtipper and All Things Dog Blog. We're proud to have had these great companies along for the ride.

Watch for our sponsors' prizes in the announcements tomorrow. We'll be showing off more of their great stuff in photos and naming all the winners. 

Needless to say with all that variety of species, we had a rolling good time, laughing and cheering on all the adorable furry friends. While Tanner and Oliver are not eligible for prizes, one of my cousins showed up with another Packer photo and surprised me; what fun!

Below is a slideshow with half of the entries. The other half will be displayed at at this link, so you can enjoy a visit to both of our sites. Meanwhile, the judges have completed their deliberations and we are busily getting ready to announce winners tomorrow at noon. Be sure to check in and see who the winners are. You're bound to be surprised by some and find others exactly what you thought. Join us!

Thank you all for coming out to support pet rescue and Petfinder Foundation. Many of you shared that you had made contributions, and we appreciate your efforts. And for those of you who wish you had, it's not too late. Click the link above to visit our donation page. We know Petfinder Foundation appreciates every dollar that comes their way. Thank you again!

Super Dog Sunday™ was a charity photo contest and blog hop to support Petfinder Foundation. All proceeds go toward their work with rescue animals.


Anonymous said...

Great Pictures!!! Looks like everyone had a great time taking pictures of their dogs and other pets. Thank you All Things Dog Blog and DogTipper. While we took pictures we were also so much fun bonding with our dogs. I made contribution to Petfinder. In going through all the pictures on Petfinder and seeing how many dogs in just my area alone made me sad....that they do not have a forever home. If I could I would have a couple of more dogs but my husband said we do not have room in bed for more dogs :(
Sharon Gilbert

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

@Sharon: I'm with you there!

Cynthia Downer said...

Dante is a rat, but you got everything else right! Lol the world of exotics is a bit complicated. Thanks so much for this event, we had a ton of fun!

Amrit321 said...

good information about dogs

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