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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Give Petfinder Your Giveaway Today!

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
I have to admit I'm not text savvy. I can write a Tweet and plug it into Hootsuite, no problem. But give me a cell phone and I'm all thumbs. I seem to go back and forth from T9 to alpha to numeric without wanting to, and, well, it's just not pretty. Ask my kids! They'll be glad to complain about my texting.

But this short text donation was as easy as can be. If I can do it, any of you can. And after all, finding a few ways to save 10 bucks is not that hard. 

My Dinosaur
Maybe you're thinking I've got a smart phone and have not yet figured it out. Not so. Actually, I have a dumb phone. Or is it stupid? Either way, it's just a basic cell phone that makes and receives calls and texts. While it has web capability, I've never used it. I'm online enough, don't you think? I certainly don't need to be online when I leave the house to walk the dogs, shuttle your prizes to the Post Office, or most certainly not when I'm at the grocery store.

So today I tested this $10 text. I guess I'll find out next month if it worked. My phone bill will be my proof. Now it's your turn!

Super Dog Sunday™ is a Charity benefit to support Petfinder Foundation in their work to help homeless pets find forever families. Our fundraiser with will wrap up Sunday with an NFL-themed photo contest. There is no purchase or donation required to enter Super Dog Sunday™. Simply send your themed picture of a pet to for posting. Include your pet's name and we'll be glad to post it for you.


Pacos Hopw said...

I have a Itouch, not a phone and the Animal rescue site has a touch to give app... I use it , plus the one on the regular pc....

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