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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pet Photo Tips for Amateurs:
Point and Click!

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Simpler Equipment
Can Still Net Good Results
For those of you who prefer to take your photos with easy, point and click cameras, here are a few simple tips to help you take better shots:

·  Natural light always gives the best results.
·  Consider a contrasting background to your subject's color and texture.
·  Watch for unwanted objects in the background. Reposition your pet for a pleasant, contrasting background.
·  Have some fun with themed items for your photo set--any suitably-themed props you may have available.
Borrow colors for your theming, using bandanas, hair ribbons, Tshirts, collars and other props.
·  Shoot with primary lighting behind you, if you're not outdoors.
·  Moving subjects generally blur in photos. Set your shutter speed accordingly when shooting pics of pets.
·  Use a photo editing program to remove red-eye, but generally you get your best pics when using little editing, and more pre-planning of your subject and background.
·  Flash photography often produces green-eye in many pet photos. This is tough to fix, so shoot for pics that don't have your pet looking directly into the camera. 
Candid shots are often best for pets that don't pose well.
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·  Try shooting with your flash off, using a night setting, and see if you get better results.
·  Use a squeaky toy or treat to get your dog to look in the desired direction.
·  If you have a black pet, try close up shots.
·  Experiment with your macro setting for close ups.
·  Close ups and portrait shots will display best in the SuperDogSunday™ Blog Hop's thumbnail photos for the Photo Contest.

We hope to see you Sunday, Feburary 5, when we open at 8 AM EST. The Blog Hop will remain open through 9 PM EST and photo contest winners will be announced on Monday, February 6. Photo Contest rules are below. More on prizes for each winner (Yes; there are a bunch!) as we move closer to game day.

Every party has its rules to protect privacy and keep the dogs in line:
  1. Only photos of dogs will be accepted; no humans please.
  2. Limit one entry per dog.
  3. Readers from the US and Canada, with the exception of Quebec, may participate. Only submissions from these areas can be accepted. This offer is void wherever it is prohibited.
  4. Prize winners from Canada will receive a substitute prize of our choice for any dog treats or edible items won during the contest. This is due to regulations with regard to shipping of pet food over the border.
  5. Large images must be submitted to assure our ability to share photos in a slideshow: 400 px please.
  6. By submitting your photo, you agree that the photo was taken by you and is owned by you. No professional images can be accepted for copyright reasons. Please read additional details at our Giveaway and Contest Rules page. Your dog's photo will be identified by his name. If there are duplicate names, your initials will be included with his name as an identifier (Ex: c.b.'s Tanner)
  7. Bloggers may publish their photos and link up to the blog hop, to display their photos on our blogs at Dogtipper and All Things Dog Blog. Code will be available for you to share the linky on your own site as well, allowing you to enter to win Blogger participation prizes.
  8. All entries by non-bloggers must be emailed to If your submission is received by All Things Dog Blog or Dogtipper, and you have clearly identified the photo as being for Super Dog Sunday™, we will forward it to for publication in the Photo Contest. We take not responsibility for photos that do not make it into the contest, as errors in email addresses can occur without our knowledge.
  9. Please include your name for correspondence and your dog's name in your submission so that we may identify Fido's name on our blogs. Announcement of winners will be by dogs' names.
  10. Our judges' selection decisions are final. Viewers will have the opportunity to vote with "thumbs up" in one category to be announced later. The remainder will be judged by our panel of photo and dog enthusiasts.
  11. Winners will be announced on Monday, February 6, 2012. Each winner will also be emailed or DM'd on Twitter and must respond with their address and phone number for shipping purposes.
  12. In those cases where prizes must be custom-fitted, or a choice is offered, you will need to provide this information promptly in order to receive your prize from the provider. While we attempt to protect your privacy, your address for shipping from these prize providers is a necessary part of the acquisition of the prize. Please do not enter if you cannot provide an address for shipping.
Good luck!


Kolchak Puggle said...

Good tips! We definitely need to work on lighting at Casa de Kolchak. With two black dogs, even the best it rooms come out really dark :0)

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