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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pet Photo Tip Recap From Our
#SuperDogPics Twitter Party

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
© Carrie Boyko
This Photo Breaks Lots of the Rules
I Need a Retake on SuperDogPics!
    We had a great #SuperDogPics Twitter Party on February 22, jamming to the tune of photo tips by @LifeandDog along with bunches of prizes for our pet loving guests. Today I'd like to share a few of Brett Chisholm's wise words on photography with you, along with some inserts here and there that may have come from party guests as well. If you're a lover of the art of photo taking, these tips are for you:
  • Composition is key. Know the rule of thirds! Your focus should be where the points intersect.
  • Natural, filtered light is best. Go near a window!
  • Morning or evening or cloudy and overcast; just avoid direct overhead sun. 
  • For action shots or a wiggly subject, you'll have to make sure the shutter speed stays faster than 1/60 or 1/125.
  • Blur the background with a very WIDE Aperture setting. The smaller the number, the wider the aperture.
  • Wide apertures are necessary for indoor shooting in natural light as well.
  • There are online programs that pack (almost) as much punch as Photoshop. One suggestion:
  • Search YouTube for video tutorials on how to use online software.
  • Blemishes? Use the healing tool and/or clone stamp tool to easily remove.
  • Check out savage paper backdrops. They are not expensive and great for composition.
  • For color that seems too yellow or too blue, use a color balance adjustment to correct.
  • Costuming tips: Try associating Fido's outfit with his favorite treat.
  • The larger the light source, the softer the light. Get away from the on-camera flash for best results. Aim lights at the ceiling or bounce off walls for all-over light that isn't direct. This will avoid glowing or red eyes.
  • Focus on the eyes. They're the windows to the soul.
  • Try to shoot w/o the flash to avoid those glowing eyes.
  • Spunky pup? Try elevating him or putting her on a chair or table for posing.
  • When putting on table, dont take photos first! Get them comfy by stuffing their face with treats. :-)
  • Have kitties? Elevation works great for them, too.
  • Try a duck call. Get at Academy. Stops (some) dogs in their tracks! Quack Quack!
  • Don't forget, the appeal can be something NEW. Have a NEW toy or squeaker that is a surprise for best results.
  • @FetchingMel also uses RINGTONES that sound like dogs and other creatures to get the elusive head tilt!
  • Don't risk losing your appeal mid-shoot. Keep surprise treats, toys. @FetchingMel carries spare squeakers.
  • Resolution matters when you're printing or sizing for web. Total Pixel Count matters the most.

We're looking forward to seeing your photos. For non-bloggers, feel free to begin submitting to We'll post your photo to the blog hop on Sunday. Bloggers may publish and link up your own pics, and win prizes for your work on the sidelines. Be sure to check our post on prizes for Bloggers here, and watch for more on all our other prizes this week.

Want to help out Petfinder Foundation? Click the link or the ad at right to give them a boost. Every game needs a cheerleader. We thank you for your support!

All proceeds from Super Dog Sunday go to Petfinder Foundation to support their work with rescue animals. Prizes for photo submissions and other activities have been provided by our Super Dog Sunday sponsors: Tom Bihn, Gringa Loka, Wag, and PetHub.


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