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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pet 'n Shape for Healthy Snacking

by Carrie Boyko, CEB

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While you may not have seen much of the Treat Review Team lately, they have been busy providing input. For a while, we had so much to review that I was worried about their waistlines. Fortunately it is the New Year and we're now focusing on that--more exercise and a healthier twist to our snacks.

When fresh snacks are not always in stock in the fridge, it's nice to have something with a shelf life around to take up the slack. Many of the packaged treats you'll find at pet stores are lacking in healthfulness, while overloaded in calories. Just as you would for your own choices, be sure to read the label and be conscious of the nutritional value you are purchasing.

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Today's product review, Pet 'n Shape, has some features that are hard to say no to. Just three ingredients on the list is always a good sign of a less-processed snack. For example, the flavor we tested is Chicken Liver + Peas and Carrots. You probably guessed that they are high in protein--50% of the treat's nutritional makeup is protein. The veggies add a hearty 5.5 % fiber to encourage healthy digestion. As with all treats, always be sure your pup has access to fresh water when when serving.

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No Fresh Carrots?
Try Pet 'n Shape

These tiny treats are perfect for training and rewarding;  break apart easily for the tiniest of pups, and they are small enough that you won't need to worry that they will pad your pup's belly. They're also made without added junk like food coloring, preservatives, or additives of any kind. You know that's all I will recommend here, right? 

These freeze dried treats have a long shelf life and an aroma that will grab your Rover's attention quite readily. I don't even have to call Tanner and Oliver when the package is opened; they smell them and come running. 

Since Tanner and Oliver are busy engaging in a new grain-free diet, this treat fits right into their new lifestyle--no wheat, corn or soy. No grains at all! If that interests you, be sure to check out our grain-free choice here.

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So let your Fido know that it's time to eat his peas and carrots, and he'll be happy to indulge you when you offer this yummy snack full of wonderful chicken liver too. When it's time for a little something special, my dogs enjoy fruit, as well as their standard meat and veggies. Pet 'n Shape offers two varieties that we can get behind: Pumpkin and Apple sounds like Autumn dessert time, while Banana and Kiwi is an apparent tropical delight.

If you have questions after you peruse their website, you can find them on Facebook or toss out your query at Twitter. I'm sure you'll find some answers there. You may even locate other users that can tell you what they think of these treats. Tanner and Oliver simply want to tell you, on behalf of the whole All Things Dog Blog Treat Team, that they give these yummies 2 paws up. 


Wondering where you can find Pet 'n Shape near you? Try their store locator at this link. I tested it and found 5 stores within 10 miles of my home. That's pretty good coverage for locating a product.  You can also purchase online at a multitude of sites that you will find at this link. And before you run off to shop, be sure to print out their coupon here. Good luck with your 2012 Fido fitness plan. Watch for a giveaway coming soon, right here!

Today we're joining a blog hop at Dogtipper called Rover's Reviews. You may find some other interesting products here, as well. Enjoy some shopping:

Full disclosure:  A sample bag of Pet 'n Shape was provided as a review sample by the PR firm representing Pet 'nShape treats. I was not paid to write about or review them, and the comments included here are my own.


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