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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weekly Preview: Organix Review Wrap and Recipes Galore

© Carrie Boyko, with assistance from L.W.
Oliver is Too Busy for the
Weekly Preview
by Carrie Boyko, CEB

I guess it falls to me to do All Things Dog Blog's Weekly Preview. Oliver is a bit tied up at the moment. We have had a great time highlighting our favorite dog chow in the past week and are proud to fly their banner at the top of our main column. I'm feeling patriotic in more ways than one today.

This week's wrap up is all about sharing the Organix brand in some fun and fanciful ways:

  • Join us Monday for our favorite Organix Busy Bone recipe--a quick way to prepare a healthy treat that will keep Fido busy for a while when you need a break.
  • My friend Lizzi, of 20something Saver, will be here Tuesday to share some great tips for saving money at the pet superstores. She's got the inside scoop on who takes coupons, who allows stacking and what reward programs offer which benefits. Don't miss this important post for all pet owners.
  • Tuesday is also the announcement of our Potty Park giveaway, a much vied-for prize indeed. I've gotten some horror stories in my email from apartment dwellers that really need this product. We'll see who the winner is on Tuesday.
  • I'm proud to present a recipe on Wednesday for making homemade dog cookies out of those leftover crumbs from the bottom of the dog food bag. What's not to love about this money-saving idea?
  • Thursday we'll go over the procedure for changing your dog's diet. This is important stuff to assure that Fido does not get a tummy ache from a change in what's going into his system. Dogs have sensitive tummies, so a little knowledge goes a long way.
  • And of course, Thursday evening I get the pleasure of drawing 12 names to win the 12 bags of Organix dog food. This should be great fun to announce on Friday. We appreciate our new sponsor, Organix, so very much. It has been our distinct honor to tell you about the many benefits of an organic diet, as well as our love of this particular brand.
  • Saturday I'll be back on track with a toy review for pups who enjoy chasing a treat around the house. We'd all be hard-pressed to find one that doesn't. Oliver is excited to show off his new favorite toy.
From Tanner and Oliver and I, we all wish you a very Happy Memorial Day. Be sure to take a little time off for family and get your pups out for some exercise. Tanner's cut paw pad is healing, so we're hoping for a little outdoor playtime to ease his cabin fever. Happy tails!


Richa said...

Chewie and me entering the Organix giveaway again :):)

I did read the FAW, but they dont say where and on which dogs the tests are done.. i wont be happy if they have labs full of dogs for testing their human grade organic food!! i am hoping that is not the case.. Still waiting for their reply:)
have an awesome weekend
Chewie and Richa @ Find me a Happy Pet
Chewie on Facebook

Bailey Be Good! said...

Thanks for stopping by my site -- it's so nice to meet you!! It's so awesome to know another 'Tanner.'

Happy holiday woofs & hugs,


Katie said...

I just wanted to let you know about my dog food giveaway for a 20lb bag of food:

Woofs, Roxy

Katie, Maizey and Magnus said...

Hey Carrie, finally getting around to catching up on everyones blog. LOVE the new layout! Very streamlined and easy to read.:))

I'm going to have to come back for a closer look at all of your dog food posts. It's a subject I'm very interested in and I've never heard of Organix. These headaches have been keeping me away from the computer screen lately, but I'll get caught up eventually!;))

At least we've been able to keep walking a bit, I hope you've still been enjoying your walks, we'd love to hear how its going in this weeks Monday Miles!

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