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Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Woof and Meow Wrap Up: Photos, Prizes and more...

by Carrie Boyko, CEB

Did you see your Meow in there? The pictures in the collage above are some of the many that were sent in. You can hover your cursor over each one and it will pop out so you can see the whole thing. Your Meow's name will appear at the top of the photo collage. Ya gotta love Photobucket! Thanks to all of you who sent pictures in, even those that weren't quite clear enough to show here. I love them all!

What a great time we have had during the last 8 weeks with this Woof and Meow series. Never have I seen such enthusiasm and excitement from my readers. Thank you all!

Before I announce the winner of the prizes that I know you're dying to hear about, I'd like to share a little of Patches' journey to loving her new, sweet-smelling World's Best Cat Litter and, of course, her Litter-Robot. Despite Patches' interminable shyness with the camera, I did manage to catch a few images of the path to her private boodwa (does anyone know how to spell that word?!!) Enjoy!

The transition from the old-fashioned blue litter box, that you see in the background of many of these photos, was not terribly difficult for Patches. She simply needed a little motivation to go inside. The catnip helped her explore, and serving meals inside helped her bond. Then I removed her own litter box and the decision was a logical one for her. She used it immediately upon my disappearance! Soon we received notice of her first solid deposit, as you can see from the last photo in the show. Success! Congratulations Patches! You're a Litter-Robot success story and spokes-model. Great job.

Would I buy one of these Litter-Robots for Patches? Absolutely! Does it save me time? Totally! Is it sweeter smelling and cleaner? Completely! Should we announce the winners now.....YES!

The first 3 names to come from the box will receive a sturdy, World's Finest Cat Litter Tote Bag, with an 7 lb. bag of litter, a trial bottle of NoDor Litter odor spray from Hartz, a sample of Rachel Ray's Nutrish brand dog food for Woof, and a surprise or two for you and Meow. These winners, listed for privacy by first names only, are as follows. Each will be notified.

  1. Debbie 
  2. Beth 
  3. Angela 
The grand prize, a Litter-Robot, will be delivered to this lucky winner:


Congratulations, Darcey! Now comes the fun. First, you'll need to visit the Litter-Robot website to decide which color you'd like to choose. Then you can email me your address for your package, along with your color choice. It's quite a big box, so consider that when you decide where to ship it. Congratulations again!

For those of you who are drooling, you can order one right here and have it at your door in a week or so. What are ya waiting for?

Be sure to check out the commentary at
5 Minutes for Fido. Tanner and Oliver are in  mourning, not to mention exhausted from all this work. And worse yet, there's no more litter box raids! Poor boys!

And Patches, well, she's ready to retire. Enough of this blogging stuff. She just wants to be left alone. 

Full disclosure: The Litter-Robot and World's Best Cat Litter described in this series have been donated to All Things Dog Blog for an independent review. I have not been paid to provide my opinion of these products, and the opinion provided is my own.
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