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Friday, April 16, 2010

FREE and FUN: New Features at All Things Dog Blog

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ASK THE TRAINER at All Things Dog Blog

Spring is here and we're celebrating with a little spring spruce up. The blog has a few new features that you'll likely enjoy. If you receive my posts via FREE subscription, then this is particularly important for you. When you get my articles, you DO NOT get my sidebar or all the fun things it has to offer. That is why it is so important that you visit the actual blog at All Things Dog Blog from time to time--just to see what you might have missed in the sidebar or the bottom anchor.

For instance, if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the blog, you'll find a full-sized photo slideshow of Tanner's high-activity lifestyle. We are a very busy pack, as you can see from the small slideshow in this post.

Oliver and Xena each have their own slideshow, as well, located throughout the sidebar at right. These are smaller, but include many cute photos.

I'm proud to be partnering with Adopt-a-Pet to encourage pet adoptions. Feel free to go shopping! Their search boxes and links are found along the right, and at the bottom. The bottom search box has all their cool features. Pick a breed, type of pet, age, and more, and you can even save your search. Adopt-a-Pet will keep looking for your pet in your area. They'll email you when they find it. Is that cool, or what?!!

That's not all in the adoption arena. I'm also featuring the rescues of a local friend, whose available pups are scattered throughout the sidebar. Feel free to go shopping!

Along the way in the right sidebar, you'll find Tanner announcing the Best of All Things Dog Blog. These are YOUR favorite posts, voted for by readers with their visits. It's like a little mini-library of your most favorite posts. I hope you'll stop in and browse a bit. Did I miss a favorite of yours? If so, be sure to let me know at I'll add it to the list--pronto!

Dr. Jacki now has her very own archives page at Dr. Jacki's Archives. You'll also find this link under her photo in the sidebar, if you want to revisit it again sometime. Need an answer to a common pet question? You're likely to find it there. If not, you can  write to her here at, or contact her for a personal consultation at 4 Paws House Calls, to go over your pet's problems in detail.

Have you been reading our Frisbee 101 series? This series of 5 articles is written by national competitor Chris Engel, who adopted Kota. Kota is a rescue that you may have seen on our site last summer. It was fun to connect with Chris, when he found Kota's picture on my blog. What a surprise for both of us!

Here are the links to Chris's articles (and a video of Kota's first appearance), if you're interested in learning more about teaching your dog Frisbee skills:
ASK THE TRAINER Archives will come out sometime this spring. For now, its easy to scroll down or click through the archives in the sidebar to read Judy's posts. Thanks for welcoming her column so graciously. Keep those letters coming!

I've also added a few fun widgets (geek talk for gadgets that do something) in the sidebar. When you have time to explore, you can play with them, and see what happens when you click. Enjoy!

Finally, I'll wrap this up with a technical bang: What is RSS? If you are curious about how you can get the most out of All Things Dog Blog and your whole Internet experience in general, then I encourage you to read this short explanation of how to use this very simple technology--FREE. If you decide to read it later, the link is near the top of the sidebar, just under the subscription boxes.

FREE is a good way to end this. I hope you are enjoying this FREE blog and that you'll feel free to comment, email me or stop me when you see me--just to give me your thoughts or suggestions. Happy tails! 
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little dog said...

Loving the new features. It's great you're doing so much to encourage adoption!

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said... have a very nice site. I enjoyed browsing and will visit again.

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