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Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Years Resolutions Include Dogs!

by Carrie Boyko, CEB

We're home from a holiday adventure that took us away from the pets. They were well cared for, loved and had plenty of exercise and social time, enjoying their all day, free play "pet hostel". Now it's time to think about 2015. My plans include adding in more variety to our walks, which have lately become a repetitive scene of neighborhood jaunting. That's going to change after I come out from under this jet lag!
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Now that the pups are home, we're first concentrating on unpacking, catching up the laundry and getting some groceries back in the house. Being away for a week can really leave your fridge looking sad! So I've started by a shopping trip to my favorite organic market to pick up all the faves on my usual grocery list. Oliver so loves hitting the grocery store with me, and is a super shopping companion. 

Upon our return, Tanner and Oliver watched carefully as I filled the vegetable bins with fresh produce and delicious, organic, grain-fed meats. After all, we're going to need lots of healthy food to fuel our new, more interesting walks.

Below is our plan. Will you share some of your resolutions for 2015 at the comment link below. We'd love to see what each of you are planning that includes your dogs.  Let me guess, and I'll include some links to tips with my guesses here:  training, swimming or drown-proofingdoga, agility, hiking, fetch, dog park visits, regular walks, camping? Do tell!

Here's my 2015 walking variations plan. Besides the usual neighborhood walks, I'm vowing to add more variety into our daily walks by adding: 

  • nearby neighborhoods that are less frequently explored,
  • walking to area errands with Oliver, who is certified to join me inside businesses,
  • walking errands that can include Tanner are the post office, visiting friends and my mom, which of course means a play date with Jacque, as well. I'll be working on ideas to expand this list. Tanner loves visiting bank drive throughs, but we can't do this on foot. Ideas?
  • community and county walking paths,
  • on-leash park walks,
  • mall walking with Oliver is always a pleasure,
  • shopping center covered sidewalk strolls during hot Summer days,
  • multiple laps inside our local pet super stores (perfect on rainy days),
  • more hiking at state parks and other natural areas,
  • and more ideas to come. What are your creative ways to vary your walks?

Before I wrap up this post, let me remind you to take precautions for walking safely with your dog. Check out the link above to "regular walks" for some tips on adding extra safety as you and Fido hoof it. And finally, always keep in mind that your walks are a chance to bond with your dog. Remember this and always reward your pup with a treat, belly rub or some relaxing doga when you arrive home. There's no time like the present to appreciate your walking companion and encourage his enjoyment of these adventures. Each one will have its own unique smells, views and experiences, giving your dog more stimulation and enjoyment. Here's to a more varied 2015 walk!

Happy New Year,

PS-I'm proud to announce that 2015 is off to a good start on this new resolution. We've taken a walk around the perimeter of a beautiful, nearby lake, and walked to a convenience store errand just yesterday. Today we're headed to a pet superstore for some socialization along with a few laps around the shopping center. I'm pleased to report that Tanner and Oliver love this new plan. :)

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