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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dogs and Swimming: Even Non-Swimmers Need to Know How to Get Out

by Carrie Boyko

(c) Toni Boyko
Time for Swim Practice, Oliver
Oliver is not a natural lover of the water like his housemates. Tanner and Xena have always enjoyed water, probably a part of their Retriever heritage. Even so, Oliver had to learn how to swim, and more importantly, how to get out of the pool safely.

In our pool, there is only one shallow step. It's a long, lap pool, so if the little guy were to fall in on the opposite end, he'd have a long swim. But he has proven that he can do it time and again.
(c) Toni Boyko
First, A Relaxing 'Boat' Ride
Next comes a little solo performance, just to show him he's capable. Good boy, Oliver. You're a trooper:
(c) Toni Boyko
No "Hang Ten" for Oliver

Okay, Oliver. Time to swim to the step. Which way is it? Do you remember?
(c) Toni Boyko
Good Boy, Oliver
You Did It!

The shallow step is just to the left. He's headed in the right direction. Practice makes perfect. 

We'll keep at it. When you live with two Retrievers, it's imperative that you know what to do if you ever fall, or get bumped, into the pool. We all hope that your dogs are drown-proofed too. If you need help, check in at Swimming Isn't Just for Lab Lovers for a step by step procedure. You might also get a little motivation from the 1 minute video over at 5 Minutes for Fido.

Help protect our precious dog parks
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