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Saturday, October 25, 2014

#TreatRight Reminder:
Draw Solace from Your Dog

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Bonding Before the #TreatRight Party
It's been a tough week here at the All Things Dog Blog household, completely blowing away all the cheer that came our way the week before. After so much good news in our previous week I was riding a cloud of joy for the Boyko girls. Admittance to medical school and passing the BAR exam were definitely high points! This week a bit of the doldrums has set in but #TreatRight is coming and I have much to do to prepare. I just want to share some thoughts on how I'm working to rejoin the happier side of life. You guessed it; my dogs are being put to work to jettison this funk.

Upon rising today, Tanner, Oliver and I set off on a longer-than-usual walk. Exercise is
always a good way to release endorphins--a "feel good" brain chemical--into the blood stream. I found myself willing an endorphin release, while at the same time wondering if this is something Oliver will be able to smell. His super duper nose has proven itself over the last 2 years, gaining traction as a safety device and early intervention for all manner of health issues that I already fight daily.  We stopped to admire a fountain and enjoyed a nice snack of Jerky Chip Treats, a delight that is on the prize list for #TreatRight winners.

When we returned home we did a short Yoga session to cool down and then had breakfast. Now, while the dogs are napping, I'm trying to get ready for #TreatRight, our Twitter Party to be held on Sunday, October 26. You can learn more about these 4 lines of treats at my product review. Having something to look forward to is definitely improving my mood already. Another score!

Good Game, Tanner
Returning to this post, I've now had a chance to do some bonding activities with each of the dogs. Oliver accompanied me on my errands, behaving as he always does, as Mom's defender and companion. I got some stitches out of my lip that have been annoying me, as Oliver watched the doctor carefully. 

Tanner and I enjoyed our daily Fetch game. After a recent lapse of focus on his part, he has now returned to his usual Fetching form, able to Fetch several toys and return them to a pile for tossing once again. It's the latest version of our mind game that makes Tanner think about what he's doing while he's swimming and having fun. Great time to #TreatRight!

Turning Fetch into a more advanced mental task has been good for him, while also giving me the motivation to consider new ways to work his brain on additional swimming games. There's nothing this boy loves more than retrieving a toy from the pool. Ahhh....I feel better already. It's such a joy to watch your dog perform a task that took months to learn, knowing that you helped him gain this new skill by patiently teaching and encouraging his behaviors. A little training treat like the Merrick Power Bites here and there can do wonders. 

Be sure to stop by #TreatRight for your chance to win several bags of these Grain Free, Gluten Free, All Natural dog treats. We'll open about 7:30 PM ET for checkins on Sunday, October 26. Prize packages valued at $70 will be handed out throughout the one hour party, and pre-party prizes are already underway. Stop by this link to enter for your chance to get a package of great Merrick products for your dog.
Tanner's Favorites: Treats, Toys, Pool
Tomorrow as I Tweet the evening away, Tanner and Oliver will be napping at my feet. I'll make sure we grab a pre-party walk to energize my brain while tiring the boys out for the day. Maybe a few #doga poses will help me also. Hope to see you again next week for the #WeeklyWag and tomorrow evening at #TreatRight. Here's a quick preview of what we're planning during the party:

  • Be ready with a favorite photo of your dog to share during the #TreatRight party
  • Join us to learn ways to #TreatRight, choosing the right treat for the right occasion.
  • Watch for 10 prize packages to be announced throughout the evening, as well as coupons for everyone!
  • Merrick wants you to know that they support treating responsibly. #NoOverweightDogs
  • You can stay up to date on Merrick's treats and food by subscribing to their newsletter here. 
  • Be sure to check out all the tasty Merrick treats and even grab a coupon.
Happy bonding,

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We are working with Merrick Pet Care through our partnership in Event Barkers to produce this Twitter party and share product news with our readers. Prizes will be provided and shipped by Merrick Pet Care. 


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