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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My Merrick #TreatRight Review

by Carrie Boyko, CEB

Let's Get to Work, Mom!
As we prepared for the announcement of the #TreatRight Twitter Party and this product review, I prepared a photo shoot set. Tanner and Oliver now know that the appearance of the yoga mat means that their company is requested. I always invite them to join me for yoga practice, no matter what I'm working on. Their companionship is not only important for our bonding, but helps them become comfortable with the funky things I try, even when I'm not including them in a pose. 

Tanner and Oliver do get a fab benefit for joining me. They get a #TreatRight snack from
Have Treats. Will Travel.
one of our favorite treatmakers. Today they'll be noshing on Grammy's Pot Pie from Merrick's Kitchen Bites line. Doesn't that sound like a delicious homemade dinner? These treats are oven-baked with deboned meat as the first ingredient. Merrick adds fruits and veggies and bakes these treats to their crunchy, USA-made goodness. 

There's no corn, soy, or wheat in the Kitchen Bites treats; these babies are grain free and gluten free! Inspired by Merrick's award-winning classic canned foods, they're available in 6 flavors that will have you and Fido salivating. In addition to Grammy's Pot Pie, there's Cowboy Cookout, Turducken, Brauts-n-Tots, and the Wingalings that come in two flavors--Applewood Bacon Flavor and Hickory Smoke Flavor. This is country dinner treat time at its best!

Next up is the Power Bites line. These tiny, soft and chewy treats are packed with the highest protein in the industry, using meaty recipes and no sorbic acid--perfect for training your smart dog to do all his great tricks and nice behaviors. All natural and perfect for your higher energy Fido or training that needs a little extra encouragement. 

courtesy Merrick Petcare
Your dog's dental specialist will be pleased to know that Merrick now offers Dental Chews called Li'l Brush Bones. Clever, right?!! Oliver just finished his second one and there was no coersion required to encourage him to chow down. He was super eager to jump right in and work his jaws to clean his choppers.

The Merrick Jerky Chip Treats come in 4 oven-baked flavors to please your dog with the most discriminating palette. Look for chicken, beef, lamb and salmon flavors, all boasting their protein as the first ingredient. And remember, all of these Merrick treats are Grain Free and Gluten Free. Yum!

Let's wrap this ambitious review up with some important facts:

See you at #TreatRight!

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