Monday, June 23, 2014

Win to Donate 3 Puppy Packages:

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Our first effort at a #PetCharity Donations giveaway was extremely successful, due largely to your generosity. Thank you for caring about shelters, rescues and foster families! If you missed this new feature, please read all about it at the link above.

Oliver and I delivered the dog crate to our local Petfinder shelter, A New Beginning, on Sunday. This shelter is where we adopted our Xena and our Patches. We took the photo below in front of several crates full of Wheaton Terrier/Poodle puppies that were absolutely to die for. It took all the resistance I could summon to walk out without one!

Large Crate Delivery June 22, 2014
Next up for our shelter donations is a 3-pack of Puppy Kits. Each will be unique, but will include items of importance to each household with a puppy. The assortment will include harnesses, pee pads, leashes, bowls and treats in various sizes for small to larger puppies. In addition, we'll be handing off some gently-used items for use within the shelter, such as collars, cones, and more.

You can enter to win these prize packages for delivery in your name. As you'll see in the photo above, the crate was presented with a label. Your name can be placed on this label if you wish, making this gift a proud example of your philanthropic side. 

Entries will be accepted through Thursday, July 10 with the winner being announced on Friday, July 11. The delivery will be made at an upcoming adoption day following the announcement. 

To enter, use the Rafflecopter entry form found at the bottom of this post. If it's not on duty, you may need to send out a Come Command by clicking the title of this post to call it to you. It works well; enjoy your entries. Thank you for entering!

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Products being donated are either conference swag, unrequested review products or items we are unable to review. There has been no compensation to All Things Dog Blog for these products or donations. All donations will go to shelters, rescues and foster families.

Badge artwork courtesy Peter Mooney via
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Robert Truog said...

Such a nice beginning your are doing . It is really nice work of social cause and thankful that many peoples are ready to adopt these kind cute puppies. I am also a pet lover and love to have them .

RitaMeow said...

My best tip for a new adoptive family is to relax and enjoy it - it's ok to feel nervous and scared! Your new puppy will be fine and you'll do great!

RitaMeow said...

My favorite tip for acclimating a new pet to your home is to use the scents of security blanket!

Jamie Leigh Martin said...

Pay attention to your puppy's nuances.

Carly Smith said...

1) Take puppy out OFTEN to do his/her business.

Carly Smith said...

Give puppy time to acclimate! Patience is key. Remember that the environment is filled with new sights, sounds, smells.

Sandra Cole said...

I have the perfect rescue group in mind I'd LOVE to donate this to! :D Hope I win so I can pay it forward.

Bunniker said...

Teach your dog that you will be coming back by leaving for only short times at first and build up to longer times.

Bunniker said...

I have a rescue dog named Rocky, and he was badly abused and scared of everything. And the best tip I can give someone is just that it takes time and lots of love and then they will come around. And now my dog is just as happy as any dog to see me and to get pets from me.

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