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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Introducing #PetCharityDonations

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Tanner Has a Dream
As a pup, Tanner had a few temporary housemates. You may know them as foster pets. We were limited in our ability to help, having occasionally been turned down because we have no back yard. Today we're announcing the opening of a new feature on All Things Dog Blog that will serve to help our furry foster friends and their families by providing needed supplies.
Foster Dog Jack Walked Tanner!

I've dropped off excess samples, food and supplies to my local shelters many times, and suddenly I had an AHA moment, inspired by you--my readers! Many of you have mentioned in your comments that you enter our giveaways in order to donate your winnings. This noble effort on your part has never gone unnoticed, but today I'm announcing an effort to harness this work for the greater good.

Molly Boo Enjoyed Tanner's Toys
Looking around my storeroom, I have boxes of items that have been acquired as conference swag, expo samples and review items that simply showed up here unrequested. Since I cannot review everything, I have become very choosey. Now there's an opportunity here that I want to take advantage of. 

YOU can win prizes for pets in need. I will donate your winnings to shelters and rescues in my area. No shipping; just my labor and gasoline. I'm happy to make that happen! I'll even pledge to photograph your donations with one of my dogs as a thank you, posting this to my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Perhaps Instagram and Pinterest also? Let's use a #PetCharityDonations hashtag to keep tabs.

And what's more, we'll deliver your prizes in our super-green, 50-MPG Prius to assure that not too much of our precious natural resources are consumed. You get named as a philanthopist and All Things Dog Blog does the work. Does it get any better than this? NO!!!

Tanner and Jacque are Ready for Deliveries
So let's get started with a Tweet. Help me get the word out by RTing and let's all join in today to show our support for shelters, rescues and pet foster families. THANK YOU! 
You can kick this effort off by entering the giveaway below that will get a brand new crate into the hands of a rescue that badly needs more crates. Having taken on several hundred Labs from a shutdown shelter, they're in dire need. You can help!

Whenever you see the image above, this will be your indication that the prizes in this giveaway are to go to shelter animals, foster pets and rescues. When you enter, you'll be helping to promote pet adoption, fostering, rescues and donations. You are the future for these animals in need. Thank you for entering!

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Products being donated are either conference swag, unrequested review products or items we are unable to review. There has been no compensation to All Things Dog Blog for these products or donations. All donations will go to shelters, rescues and foster families.

Badge artwork courtesy Peter Mooney via

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Schooner and Skipper said...

Give them lots of love and be very patient.

KateV said...

Be very aware that the new dog may be a very high flight risk- not only will he be stressed with the new situation, but may not know the area or trust you enough yet to return. Be very vigilant when opening house/car doors and use martingale collars to help prevent escapes.

ruckustheeskie said...

Patience is the key.

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