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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mutt Monday Remembers Our Pets

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Xena, Warrior-Princess
Pet people all know about the Rainbow Bridge. If you search the Internet you'll find dozens of images of this playground of pets that have passed to what we may call animal Heaven. I like to think that this is a place where our pets' needs are all met and they are once again young and healthy, able to be as active and energetic as they once were as pups or kittens.

In honor of our lost Xena, I began the Rainbow Bridge Memorial page here on All Things Dog Blog sometime ago. You can enjoy a video to soft music while you browse the pets and their stories. Some have verses or stories, others just dates. Each owner has chosen their own words to share, and some could not find their words. It's okay.

If you would like to memorialize your lost pet here, please send a clear photo along with any words or sentiments you'd like to include to Place RAINBOW BRIDGE MEMORIAL in the subject line and I'll let you know when you pet can be viewed.

Today's post is an opportunity for other bloggers to join in with memories of their own pets or others they have written about. Rainbow Bridge episodes are welcome, as are eulogies or obituaries that share the love of an owner for a lost pet.

Grab your tissues before you read. These will be tears of joy; keep that in mind as you remember your own lost pets and their stories. And please click the Tweet below to bring others here to join us:
Next week's theme for Mutt Monday's posts will be something new and different again. I'm inviting bloggers to share a special feature of their own blogs. Share whatever single event or theme that your blog focuses on, educating our readers on your specialty. This is a great chance to 
Introduce yourself to my readers 
If you write in your pet's voice, feel free to introduce your pet for him or her. Take it!

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Cynthia Goldstein said...

How beautiful, thank you

katsrus said...

Very touching. I lost my kitty in August. Xena is so pretty.
Sue B

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