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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dogs Going Green:
More Bonuses from Organic Pet Food

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Stuff Your Kongs with Leftovers to Save $

One of the chief complaints I hear from families who choose not to feed their pet a better food is cost. We've all had those pains in our wallet from time to time. Today I've got a few benefits of feeding organic that may help you fall off the fence in the other direction. Did you know?
  • Feeding a better quality food like Natural Balance Organic to your dog will result in a healthier, longer life with fewer doctor appointments and a more vibrant coat and mind, making for a happier dog.
  • According to my groomer, tear stains on Toy-sized dogs often result from poor diet. I was told that residues of additives and food coloring are excreted from the tear ducts resulting in the stains that develop over time. I was able to test this theory with Oliver. When we adopted him he was on a grocery store food brand and had the beginnings of tear stains, even at the tender age of 4 months or so. I switched him to an organic brand immediately and very soon found the tear stains were gone, never to reappear. If you have ever prices the products for removal of tear stains, you'll know this is a great value!
  • I've found that the crumbs all dry dog foods have at the bottom of the bag make a great flour for homemade dog treats. I collect them from the bag as each bag is emptied, freezing them for later use. When I have enough, I make a batch of dog treats, often using a variety of recipes. I'll include one in the next post in this Dogs Going Green series. 
  • You can save on dog treats by using your kibble to make quick and easy treats. Read on and please do leave your comments. If you have a dog treat recipe to share, I'd love to hear from you:
    Add Natural Balance to All Your Treat Recipes!
Using leftovers that are healthy and have no ingredients unhealthy to Fido, you can save money and create quick, easy frozen yummies that will be enjoyed by your dog:

Easy Broth Bombs:
  1. When you roast a chicken or turkey, don't waste that carcass. When done, drop it into a stock pot with water and boil for 45 minutes or more to make a rich broth.
  2. Fill ice cube trays half way with the broth and add organic Natural Balance kibble to make a frozen treat that's healthy and partially homemade.
  3. When frozen, pop into a ziplock bag for easy freezer storage and single servings.
Leftovers in Frozen Filled Kongs:
  1. Ever wonder what to do with that smidgen of leftover sweet potatoes, yogurt, cooked veggies or grated cheese? 
  2. Layer these yummies one by one into a Kong or other fillable treat canister, using a little Natural Balance kibble between the layers, and freezing for a time when you need to keep Fido busy. We call these Busy Bones, and they work their magic on my boys every time I have a large crowd for dinner or another event.
  3. All will be appreciated, and very, very slowly when frozen. This is a great treat to offer when you need a long, relaxing bubble bath in quiet.
Watch for my Oatmeal cookie recipe, made with Natural Balance, coming soon....


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As an NB Insider, I share tips and news on Natural Balance. I am compensated with travel to industry events and receive Natural Balance Organic food for my dogs. I am willing to serve in this role because I believe that serving organic food to my dogs is an important part of keeping them healthy for a long life.


Anonymous said...

We usually fill our Kong with peanut butter, but I love the leftovers idea - love saving that money too! You are so right about freezing the Kong, Duke just disappears for 30 minutes while he goes at it!

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