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Monday, March 25, 2013

Natural Balance Names Insiders Group

by Carrie Boyko, CEB

The tide is turning at All Things Dog Blog. You may have noticed that a new flag is flying over this posts column. Today the names of a small group of pet blogs have been named to be the official Natural Balance Insiders--your source for all things Natural Balance.

As an NB Insider, All Things Dog Blog will be privy to information including pet industry news, Natural Balance announcements, and all the fun with Tillman and company. Watch for my regular posts sharing various updates on Natural Balance, the latest on Who Let the Dogs Out and more. 

Tanner and Oliver will be experiencing a bit of excitement as well, and so they should be. They are the mascots of this blog, while sharing their own thoughts at 5 Minutes for Fido, acting as our product reviewers, photo models and more. Their enthusiasm for their new food--Natural Balance Organic Formula--is already apparent. The first bag I picked up last week was eyed with curiosity. When I opened it, their noses shifted immediately into high gear, moving in for a super sniff. If their tails could talk, you'd know that they have already made their decision; this food rocks!
Yup! That's the One!

I made the mistake of telling the boys that a welcome package is expected from Natural Balance and I'm afraid I've created a door-watching twosome. They're glued to the street scene, watching for the excitement to arrive any time now. As I write this, we've gotten lucky. Our loyal Fedex delivery guy appeared with the deliveries the boys awaited, just as Tanner's drool was getting out of hand. ;)

The boys and I look forward to having some fun sharing all the goings on with Tillman the skateboarding dog, Norman the scooter dog, and all their pals. Secretly, I think Tanner wishes he could be out there showing off his extreme Fetching skills. It's sort of tough to take a swimming pool with us for demos, so I've got to help him understand that we'll be doing all of our Fetch demonstrations right here in the comfort of his very own swimming pool, or sometimes at the dog park. Either one works for Tanner.

While Tanner is working on his Fetch game, I'll be sharing all the Natural Balance details with you. Strap on your seat belts; this is going to be a great ride, powered by Organic Natural Balance!

Oh, and P.S.: Oliver asks that you stop in at his blog, 5 Minutes for Fido. He insisted on writing his own announcement and will be posting from time to time in a series he's calling 5 Minutes for Natural Balance. I wonder where he got that creative title?

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As a NB Insider, I will attend industry events on behalf of Natural Balance, and share news with you about the Natural Balance family of products, their mascots, charities and causes.


katsrus said...

Love Who Lets The dogs Out and Tillman. Looking forward to your posts. Love the picture of your dogs waiting at the door.
Sue B

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