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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pet Eye Care: Washing Your Dog's Eyes

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Proper Position for Rinsing Eyes
If your dog has ever had allergies or an eye infection, you probably know that position is everything for getting this job done without Fido pulling away. I'm fortunate in that Tanner is a willing patient, but many dogs may require you to secure assistance with holding the dog still while you administer the rinse and clean away any drainage from his eyes. It's always good to plan your approach and have help available so this procedure can be done on the first try.

Before beginning, be sure to have some sterile gauze on hand for cleanup, and wash your hands thoroughly. Repeat this washing when you're all done.

The trick is all in the hold and in approaching the dog from behind with the bottle of rinse. Just like you and I, dogs don't particularly like someone coming at their face with a foreign object. This method will allow you to rinse your dog's eyes without starting the process with fear. 

With your dog sitting in front of you or on your lap--facing sideways--place one hand under his chin to hold his head up. Anchoring your other hand to his forehead, position the bottle so that the stream will run through his eyes and drain out naturally. To keep Fido's eyes open, pull back slightly on his forehead skin as you anchor your hand there. This will assure that the fluid runs into an open eye and your pup's peepers get a good cleansing.

After you run a stream through each eye, use a square of gauze to wipe away excess liquid. Wrap the gauze around your finger and use the end to clean away any goop in his tear duct area. Be extremely gentle!

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Don't forget to end each session with a good snuggle. Your dog needs to associate this procedure with affection. You're in charge of that!

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Aleeyah said...

Very informative Carrie!
Lord knows many dog owners create an all-out war when it comes to putting ANYTHING near their dogs eyes, even their ears.
Information like this needs to be spread!

Aleeyah from

Dawn said...

Great tips! It never occurred to me to do it from behind his head. I imagine that is a much easier angle for you too since his nose won't be in the way.

Fade said...

Such a good doggy and very well behaved. The snuggle is always the most enjoyable part. Great tips.

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