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Monday, September 9, 2013

Give Your Dog a Sense of Security

by Carrie Boyko, CEB

Please Don't Take it Away, Mom

Yes, I realize this is a play on words. The Petlinks company did this on purpose, no doubt-
-pretty clever, I think. It's also dead-on accurate. Since we are featuring this toy in tonight's Twitter Party I decided to give it a once over with Tanner. He's my toy boy. No word games here; he's not my boy toy! He just loves toys.

The Scents of Security toy by Petlinks is a unique design that allows you to place a small piece of your own clothing inside a secure pouch for cuddling when you're away from
courtesy Petlinks
your dog. Personally, I think this toy would be welcomed by your kitty, as well. He'll immediately discover your scent and feel safer and more secure as if you are right there with him. Good idea, but we had to test it for ourselves. Here's how it played out:

I took a review sample of the Scents of Security toy and put a Tshirt inside it. One side of the square has a strong Velcro closure to retain your clothing inside. I placed the toy on my desk to remind myself to run a photo shoot of Tanner's first experience with it. That opportunity came before I intended, however. While I made lunch in the kitchen, Tanner discovered the toy and took it, hounding my scent. He carried it into the kitchen and stood looking at me as if to confirm that in fact I was not inside the toy. I
howled with laughter and ran for the camera.

He dropped to the living room floor and gave me the serious look you see above. I know this boy pretty well and I'd suggest that he was telling me that he does not want me to take the toy away. He would give it up if necessary, but he wouldn't want to.

I told him he could have the toy with a "Take It" command and he began to sniff and smell and nuzzle the toy as if it were a tiny kitten. What a joy it was to watch him, as if he were snuggling with me at bedtime. I can see how he will enjoy this toy in my absence. It looks like I'll be seeking one for Oliver too!

It Smells Like Mom!
Watch for a giveaway of this Scents of Security toy to open here soon. Meanwhile, you'll have 10 opportunities to win one tonight at our #Pet1stAid Twitter Party. Have you RSVP'd yet? That's your first chance of 3 opportunities that don't require your presence at the party. I hope we'll see you tonight!

You'll find the Petlinks product line at,,,,, and Check out the Petlinks System at these online sites for more information:

Petlinks System website
Petlinks on Facebook

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Tanner reviewed the Scents of Security sample that was sent to us by Petlinks. We were not compensated to share these results or our opinions, and the story above is exactly how it happened.


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