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Friday, August 2, 2013

A Day in the Life of a Pet Blogger

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Homecomings from Conferences are the Best!
Absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder, as the saying goes. With more conferences and travel to visit sponsors this month, I'm increasingly aware of my bonding time with the dogs. But the real topic of today's post is in answer to a reader question. What do I do with my days?

Wow. I’m thinking of all the variations on this theme and getting totally bowled over by my thoughts. I’m going to have to set all the what-ifs and coulda-woulda-shoulda’s aside and just give you a peek into my workdays. 

Early morning walks with the dogs are my serenity. It’s truly the only peaceful time of my day when nothing enters my thoughts  save for my effort to think like a dog and figure out what each of the boys is focusing on.  I play a game with myself. I like to return home with a story in my head about Tanner’s thoughts about the ducks or Oliver’s opinion of the poodle’s new outfit. Silly, I know. But it’s a nice diversion from the challenges of the remainder of my day. Call it my meditation; it relaxes my mind.

My workdays start with a quick post check and then on to blog emails. This is the scariest part of my day, so I have to knock it out right after my morning latte, when my energy is surging. Between the requests to help upstarts and the offers to write advertising that masquerade as free posts, I always find myself with at least one good laugh. A few nicely presented proposals come in each week to temper my opinion of the folks in the pet industry; there are a few that ought to be giving lessons. Seriously; they are so good at what they do that I want to send them off to visit some of their peers for mentoring. Hey! Maybe there’s a business idea in there somewhere?

Speaking of business, that’s my next focus. Gotta get the tough stuff under my belt before the afternoon Fetch game and social media time. Proposals, conference calls, and those discussions about how to do things with sponsors. Event Barkers has got me back in the driver’s seat where I was for many years as a business person, so I’m feeling pretty comfortable there. I tried the retirement thing but found my days needed more challenge.

Oops! I suppose there needs to be a niche in my day somewhere for writing posts. It’s funny; writing posts is something I have no problem with doing. No writers block here. I keep a schedule/calendar of my posts and plan ahead to some extent. I like to watch out for variety as well as assure space for various features that I pre-arrange such as our Ask the Vet column or product reviews. These are the dogs’ favorite days; when I break out the camera and new products their ears perk up and they seem to know we’re going into training and trial mode. Either way, it means a few treats for them and that’s great motivation for some fun photo opps, or the bloopers reel—LOL! You know; those pics of your dog when you’re intending to get their pearly whites, and instead you capture a photo of them licking their, uh, let’s move on.

By lunchtime I’m itching to get writing. All those ideas that woke me up in the middle of the night have withered and I want to get something down as a start for that next post on, let’s say, Pet Projects: Helping Seniors Keep Their Dogs.

Before I get far though, I’ve still got some technical stuff to do. Check in on renewals, memberships, followers, DMs, Facebook messages, reader email, and the plumbing. By that I refer to all the sites I pay big bucks to for assistance with tasks like giveaways, bloghops, statistics and such--dull stuff that needs my attention in a timely manner.

After lunch, fetch and lizard tag on the screened porch outside, the boys nap while I attempt to get some writing done. I write best when the house is quiet--all humans are gone and pups are snoozing. Strategies like playtime before writing work well for me.

The remainder of the afternoon--if anything is left--is spent on social media and followups. It seems that the latter gets more of my attention these days. For fun, I have found myself hooked on Pinterest. Anyone else?

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Kolchak Puggle said...

*sigh* I wish I had the whole day to spend on that stuff. Your day sounds perfectly lovely!

Schooner and Skipper said...

As I sit at the computer reading what your days looks like.....all I can is WOW! What a wonderful start to your day with wagging tails and that is the BEST time of the day! I enjoy waking up to wagging tails and lots of kisses to start my day!

FidoseofReality said...

Your day sounds similar to mine, Ms. Carrie, except that I also do this for my employment and then also for myself for Fidose of Reality. Rock on, friend!

BoingyDog said...

Cool post and what a great way to spend each day! Gives the rest of us some hope!

Jessica @ YouDidWhatWithYourWeiner said...

My day starts with email and social media but then goes immediately to writing posts. I am freshest in the morning. Chester and Gretel get me up at am every morning to eat. I often try to go back to bed but sometimes I start thinking about blog posts and can't sleep. I just get up and start writing.

Dawn said...

And I thought blogging would be easy! My day sounds a bit like yours. In summer, we do our walks in the morning. But when the weather starts cooling we will go in the afternoon. Otherwise, the first thing I do is check emails and fill orders. The rest of the day is not quite as organized but I have a list that I whittle down. There are SEO projects, blog writing, social media, errands, and so so much more. But I love it!

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