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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Pet Faves at Natural Balance

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
It's Giveaway Time :)
The All Things Dog Blog dogs have been asked to name their favorite Natural Balance products. This was no easy task. Tanner's and Oliver's first pick was their meal choice--the Natural Balance Organic formula

Next the dogs each selected a favorite treat that they absolutely can't live without. I already knew which treats were Patches' favorite, so that wrapped up our list. She's a fan of Salmon, so it's Perfect Bites Salmon Formula Cat Treats for her. We also requested Rabbit so she could try out some 'game' treats. Yum; yum!

Tanner selected the L.I.T. Diets Duck and Potato Treat Roll. He learned to love these during agility classes and will perform most any skill quite willingly when I wave the scent his way. Can you tell he's a Retriever? Yes, he has duck on the brain. :) 

Oliver opted for the new Roll-a-Rounds treats
Happy to Be an NB Dog
along with the Small Breed version of L.I.T. Treats in Sweet Potato and Bison. The boys could hardly wait for samples to arrive. Drooling, drooling!

But wait! Natural Balance offered a whole basket of giveaways that mirrored our pets' favorites and includes some other goodies. In addition to the edible yummies, they are including a food measuring scoop for accurate feeding (gotta watch those figures!), a dog pedometer to measure Fido's distance each day (It's cute too!), 2 sets of bowls for Summer travel, a laser pointer for indoor fun, and a Natural Balance grocery tote bag. What do you think? Did we choose well? 

Tanner Waits Permission
With Roll-A-Rounds on His Paws
Coming up, I'm going to test out the pedometer and give you guys a chance to guess how many steps Tanner takes in a single day. I'll be sure to take it off when he goes swimming, but we'll measure all his other activities. I'll keep you posted on this event. First, I've got to get the magnifying glass out to read the instructions. :)

Now it's your turn. You get to jump in and try to win this terrific basket of great noms for your pets. One great prize goes to one lucky winner. The Rafflecopter promises to behave, but you may need to tickle it to wake up by clicking on the post title. That always works! 

Good luck,

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As a Natural Balance Insider, I sometimes have items to give away to you as promotions for Natural Balance. I receive pet food and sponsored travel to pet industry events as compensation.
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cstironkat said...

I got coupons for $3.00 of dog food and $.50 off cat treats or food.

Unknown said...

I got one for $3 off and one for $.50 off.

Katie said...

thanks for the $3 off natural balance dry food coupon

Amy Orvin said...

I got a $3 off off natural balance dry food coupon

Thank you.

Amy Orvin said...

Youtube ID: 2dogs5catscrew ,

Linda Szymoniak said...

I got a $3 coupon off a 5# bag of Natural Balance food. Unfortunately, my printer isn't currently working. Darn!

Steven said...

My favourite is Natural Balance Food! Without a doubt!

Shelley P said...

I got a $3 off coupon good on a 5 lb bag or larger of dry food or a case of cat or dog food. I also got a 50 cents off coupon for cat treats or pouch : )

Cheryl Chervitz said...

I love the $3 off coupon for NB dog food. Thank you so much.

Kimberly Gauthier, Dog Nutrition Blogger for Keep the Tail Wagging said...

This is so great! When we fed kibble, Natural Balance was on my list of possible companies to go to when we were doing our homework. What I love is that they have practically an entire aisle and they cover so many different food needs for our dogs!

I had an opportunity to chat with a local rep and he was pretty amazing. I love that you're promoting them, because more people need to know what a great company they are, because they don't do much traditional advertising.

DebbyM said...

I got a $3 and .50 coupon. Thank you!

tina reynolds said...

I fot the $3 off coupon for dog food I think mister ralph will like that : )

Unknown said...

I got a $3 off and one for 50 cents off

Wanda McHenry said...

I got $3 OFF Any bag 5 lbs or larger
or any case of dog or cat canned food

Judith Campo said...

We've been feeding our pets Natural Balance since 1994 when we took in a small size shepherd after the Northridge earthquake. She was a picky eater, We asked where we were buying our pet food at the time what they recommended for her pickiness. The told us to try Natural Balance and we've been our pets their products ever since.

Cynthia Downer said...

$3 off and 50 cents off. THANKS!


$3 OFF
50¢ OFF
Any bag 5 lbs or larger
or any case of
dog or cat canned food

Mary Witter said...

$3 off natural balance 5 lb bag or larger dry food or case of Natural Balance canned food.

jcamp2020 said...

$3 off and 5lb bag or larger dog or cat food

Unknown said...

$3 off a bag, which is great! My Chi already eats their food.

Danielle said...

$3.00 off bag or cans
$0.50 off pouch

Michelle Spayde said...

The coupons are:
$3 OFF Any bag 5 lbs or larger
or any case of
dog or cat canned food
50¢ OFF One Platefulls cat pouch or one
bag of Perfect Bites cat tr

Michelle Spayde said...

My youtube name is: spaydemichelle


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