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Monday, June 24, 2013

#TwitterKitties Tweet to Win Great Prize

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Thanks to all of you who jumped in to share our upcoming Swheat Scoop Twitter Party's most important info--who to follow. We'll be announcing the details tomorrow--date, time, and a few tidbits about the prizes. Watch for more as the pre-party events unfold. Wednesday and Thursday there will be more exciting news, so check back daily to get the whole story.

It's not too late to follow the important Twitter accounts that will be sharing the details of the party, so no need to put the breaks on. You can share this Tweet daily throughout the party if you'd like to get started on the PreTweet prize entries:
Here's the list of VIP's that will be spouting off about all sorts of topics with regard to kitty litter and Swheat scoop:


This list will grow, but these are the key players for now. We'll be bringing in some additional hosts and a special guest expert to join us in spreading the word about Swheat Scoop and getting you all the answers you'd like to have. You introduction to our guest host will come along shortly.

Inside the goodie bag you see above, our drawing winner will find probiotics for Meow (They're great for Woof also), Earth's Balance First Aid Spray for active pets, Pruven oxy powered stain and odor remover (a 24 oz. spray bottle!) and a bag of Natural Balance Perfect Bites cat treats. These yummy delights contain only 1 calorie per treat and absolutely no corn, soy or wheat--meaty morsels for Meow!

The winner of my #TwitterKitties prize is @Banina9. Watch for a Tweet requesting an email with your name and address for shipping. I look forward to seeing you at #LitterChat!

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