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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The "I Missed Blogpaws" Giveaway

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Oliver Did NOT Miss Blogpaws
Molly Pays Attention to a Speaker
This office can only hold so much stuff. Oliver's bed is under a guest's chair and review products are on shelves. Yet I still have an overflow to floor space, which is definitely not plentiful--the floorspace that is. Today's giveaway will help me clear out some extra goodies from the Blogpaws conference swag that will thrill a blogger or pet lover who did not attend.

Inside the official Blogpaws swag bag--which is uber nice canvas with a zipper-closure and pockets--is the official Blogpaws Conference Tshirt and a 2013 Natural Balance Calendar, filled with great photos

Norman's New Bike!
of Norman and Tillman. This prize is perfect for the pet blogger who did not make it to this year's conference, but will be enjoyed by anyone who can use these products.

Oliver, my sidekick and PR front man for this year's event, had a ton of great experiences. I'm pretty sure if he had a calendar, Vegas would be on it for next year. He met Norman the Scooter dog, Molly the Safety Dog, Schmitty the Weather Dog and Charles the Monarch, as well as many of our fellow bloggers' pets and Service Dogs of all kinds. Oliver did not quite know what to do with the ferrets, but he sniffed curiously and was suitably respectful. 

Oliver and Charles (the Labradoodle)
With stops along the way to visit family, Oliver was one tuckered out little dude that slept very well for the entire trip. I would love to have gotten some pics of us on the highway, but since I was driving, that was not an option. 

I enjoyed speaking with one exhibitor about safety testing being done for various types of car travel implements for dogs. Her exhibit included a smashed metal crate that had been through a car accident. It was a bit scary to think of my dog inside it. 

When I described my safety gig for the trip, she nodded approvingly. Oliver has a Pet
Oliver Walked the Red Carpet
 in His New Tux
Buckle brand
crash-tested seat belt that was attached to the luggage tie downs using the adapter provided. I seatbelted his crate down in the middle of the car and attached the PetBuckle seatbelt to his harness, while he was inside the crate. The idea was double protection, and luckily we didn't need it.

To enter the "I Missed Blogpaws" giveaway, simply RT the embedded Tweet below. I'll pull one winner from the list of Tweets on June 21 and announce the winner here on the blog. Good luck!
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Noodles said...

Someday we too will attend BlogPaws. It sounds so wonderful and informative.
Love Noodles and her Mommy
aka The Thumbs

evie said...

too bad i dont live in va. anymore, would have loved to have gone, but hard to travel w/ 3 girls and being single. will not board my dogs and dont have anyone that would take them....and they have never been away from me since i have had them...evie who is almost 12, has only been away from me a few nites, when i had to be hospitalized, when she was hospitalized and when i had to stay overnite in the hospital w/ my mother when she was alive...i could not bear to be away from them...

katsrus said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Some nice prizes.
Sue b

cstironkat said...

I tweeted
Thank you for the chance to win and spoil my dogs.

Linda Szymoniak said...

I really prefer the Rafflecopter giveaways. I'm just too busy since starting my rescue (we're having our first birthday this month) and taking care of my own five Treeing Walker Coonhounds. I could really use some of this type of swag for all the furbabies in my care, too. Oh, well.

Golden Daily Scoop said...

Sounds like a ton of fun! Someday mom will get there!

Marie Lah said...


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